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Welcome, friend! Relax & rest awhile, if you please. I'm an ordinary girl, a follower of Christ, mama to Gabriel, & wife to Evan. Here in this little space of the online world, I share all manner of bookish things, including full content reviews, writerly snippets, encouragement for everyday life, and a whole collection of names & their meanings.

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March Promptlies >> Week 3

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Tell me, are you one to wear green on this day, or do you simply risk getting pinched?  :]

Welcome, WELCOME, one & all! Today marks Week 3 of my writerly link-up!
If you're at a loss as to what this could possibly be, you can find the intro post HERE.  :]

This is a writerly link-up---and by that I mean it's geared towards hobby writers, storytellers, & aspiring authors (as well as published ones!)---but it's ABSOLUTELY open to EVERYONE.

For the lovely month of March, we're diving into five weeks of writing prompts.  This is the second week, so there's four chances (including this week) to jump in on this---whether you're able to join one or all!

Find the how-to's below.  MUST READ --->

>   Use the prompt (below) to write a short story/paragraph/excerpt, then post that short on your blog. The deadline for posting that particular prompt each week is Saturday, but you are free to share said story on ANY day before then—this could be as soon as you've completed the little story, or any other day of the week you have free from your usual blog posts.
Each story should be a minimum of 500 to a max of 1000 words!
>  Use the "Promptlies" banner (above), & make sure to link back to this blog somewhere.
>  Revisit THIS POST to share your link via the link tool at the bottom of this page so everyone else may visit to read the treasure you've written.
>  No foul language or vulgarity of any kind.
>  No sensuality.
>  Keep blood & gore to a minimum please!
>  Try out a new genre! This is the perfect opportunity to write something NEW. Or perhaps a great way to revamp & use characters from a current (or old) WIP for these prompts. Whatever it may be, be creative!
And spread the word!!! A potential giveaway is coming sometime in April, but ONLY IF this little blog manages to reach 110 followers.  :]

> > > > > < < < < <

Without further ado, here's your prompt for this week!

Oooooooooh. . . 
Annnnnnndddd.  GO!

> > > > > < < < < <
And now. . .
You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!
Click here to enter
This linkup will be open for this particular prompt until Saturday, March 16th.  So make sure you get this week's link in by then!  But if you miss it for some reason, no worries---you can jump in anytime.  Just leave a comment below so I can visit your blog!


  1. *whispers to self* okay, Nicole, you’ve GOT TO DO THIS ONE. YOU'VE ALREADY PROMISED TO DO THE FIRST TWO AND FAILED. COME ON. 😂

    1. No pressure, girl! None at all!! PLEASE don't feel obligated. I knew for some, joining in every week would be difficult---so that's why I decided to have it go the entire month, giving whoever wished to enough of a chance they could join in when they could. So, don't worry about it! But IF you can, I so look forward to what you come up with!! (And if you happened to write anything, or still want to, go ahead! But let me know, and I'll feature it on my blog at some point. :D [same goes for anyone else!!])

    2. Haha, I DID IT!

  2. I think this is my favorite prompt so far! Looking forward to everyone's entries ^_^

    1. YESSS!! Me too! Can't wait to sit down & see what I can come up with.

  3. Oooh, I like this a lot. I already have an idea that just might work with it too...


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A shapeless mass, and a book of rules,
And each must make, ere life is flown,
A stumbling block or a stepping stone.

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