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Hullo, friend, & welcome! In this teeny space of mine you'll find books, reviews about books, fandoms from books, stories I wish to make into books, and other non-bookish things about me & my life as a wife, mama, & homemaker. I wish to live for the glory of my King; I want to be known as an Encourager; & it's my desire to someday publish a book or two. So if you like, pull up a chair, grab your favorite beverage, & sit a while.

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Oh, Dear... I've Done It Again.

I wish to express my most sincere apology to my faithful readers! 
I despise starting a new blog post with apologies and excuses about how busy one's summer can be, because it seems everyblogger does it.  But I must make an exception this time.  
It has been... for lack of a better word -- BUS…

What's in a Name?

At last! The long-awaited, second addition to our names for Medieval Men.

Dalibor Gender:  Masculine Usage:  Czech, Slovak, Croatian, Serbian, Slovene, Medieval Slavic Pronunciation:  [possibly] DAH-li-bohr, DAL-i-bohr
Meaning & History Derived from the Slavic elements dal meaning "far away&qu…

At last! An update!!

I'm back! with a quick update! 
Click here to find the meaning of the picture below: 
The above link will take you to the blog I share with my sisters, Maidens of Virtue, and the post where I explain what we've been up to for the past two weeks. =]
Coming soon:
Medieval Names for Men
The fi…

ppl love these

February Snippets!
Here are some Snippets from last month.  These hail from my WIP Safia and another project I'm …
Psalm 34:18
The LORD is near the brokenhearted;  He saves those crushed in spirit.  ( Psalm 34:18) > > >…
What's in a Name? || Surnames Edition
Good evening, y'all. It's the third week of AUGUST. O_o I'm picking up on my Name post ra…
March Promptlies! >> Week 2
Welcome, WELCOME, one & all! Today marks Week 2 of my writerly link-up! If you're at a loss …