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What's in a Name?

Hullo, dear beans.  :]
How was your weekend?  Mine was rather lovely (depsite the rain, and promise of more. . .).

My baby brother is ENGAGED!!!  AHHHHHHHH And to one of the sweetest ladies I've ever known.  I thought many times that I'd like to be her when I grow up. *^ - ^* Amanda is already a sister to me, & soon it'll be official!! 
(You can check out my Instagram to see a photo of their sweet faces, if you'd like.  @sarahpenmaiden or link in sidebar!)

Anywho, 'nuff squealing, right?  I've got some new names for you! And oddly enough, they're all "R's".  :D


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M | English, Irish
REE-an, or RIE-an

From the Irish name Ryan, derived from the surname Ó Riain meaning "descendant of Rían."  Possibly means "little king," from the Irish elements ri "king" and combined with a diminutive suffix.

F | Sanskrit

Means "sandalwood" or "ascending" in Sanskrit.


From the Eurasian bird of the same name.  (Could also refer to the chess piece resembling a castle tower.  Or the Dutch word rook, meaning "smoke.")

NOTE:  This would make a pretty cool dystopian character's name, I think. . .

M & F Welsh

Anglicized form of the male name Rhys, meaning "enthusiasm" in Welsh.

Names & meanings via behindthename.com.
Photos via Pinterest.

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Favorite(s)?? Any to recommend?  
What is an "R" name you like that could be added to this list?  I like Renna & Rohan.  :]

Be ENCOURAGED || Find Lovely

It's Valentine's Day tomorrow!
And LOVE is literally in the air.

Seriously, though.  You'll find ALL manner of items with the theme of hearts, roses, candy & the like in practically every store at this time of year.  School children will pass out tiny Valentines to their crushes (I remember those days), boyfriends will give a box of chocolates to their current girlfriends, and husbands will take their wives to a nice dinner without the kids.

But do we truly know the history of the holidays we celebrate---and WHY we do so?  In this particular holiday, the true meaning of love is often forgotten.  It's based on appearances.  Or touches only the surface of a person.  Let's go deeper.

Even if you're not looking, you'll find articles & blog posts & social media on this subject of love everywhere.  And we all know our Lord states that of the commandments He has given, love is the "greatest of these." (1 Cor. 13:13)

But I wished to focus on another piece of love (that deeper part).

Today, I have a challenge for you.  :]
And it is this: Find LOVELY.

"What do could you possibly mean??" you may ask. "That's just an adjective!"  Grammatically, you are most certainly correct.  But in this case, I challenge you to make it a verb TO BE.  

> > > > > < < < < <

Over the last few years, lovely has unknowingly become a favorite word of mine.  I've tried throughout my writings to widen my vocabulary & I believe lovely became one then.  So, to research & draft this post I looked up its definition and rather like how Google (of all things) defines it:
adj. Exquisitely beautiful.  
(Informal) Very pleasant or enjoyable; delightful.

Merriam-Webster says it this way:
adj. 1. Lovable (obsolete)  2. Delightful for beauty, harmony, or grace; attractive  3. Grand, swell (a lovely morning)  4. Eliciting love by moral or ideal worth
. . . and as a noun: 1. A beautiful woman  2. A lovely object

You get the idea.  :]

All that said, when people think of me, I'd love my legacy to be, "She has a lovely heart," or "what a lovely, kind person."  What about you?  This ties back to the Titus 2 book study I've been taking part in.  We all, whether young or old, have someone who looks up to us in some way or another.  If we are a lovely type of human bean, don't you think that little girl, or even the older woman, might want to strive for that as well?

> > > Be a lovely person.

> > > See the lovely in everyone.

> > > Show lovely to others.

Be ENCOURAGED!  Lovely is an inside & out kind of thing.

> > > > > < < < < <

Whether you're a single girl who currently gets as much attention as a white crayon, or one who is getting ready to marry her best friend, know this:  You are LOVED.  Valentines can be a holiday where you refocus on the love of God (Rather, we need to do that every day, but seeing as the holiday of love is here, there's no better time than the present, right?)  God loves you far more than any man could.  And any man worth his salt, who vows to love you for the rest of his days, will make it his goal to strive every day to match that Love from the very One who gives it.

Oh love of God, how rich & pure!
How measureless & strong!
It shall forever more endure---
The saints' & angels' song.

Choose JOY.  Find LOVELY.

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Do you have any fun plans for Valentines tomorrow?  Are you cuddling up with your cat & a favorite movie? Or maybe going on a romantic date with your special guy?

It's my plan to prepare a nice luncheon for my man (with baby present, of course) on my GORGEOUS china dishes by candlelight (in the daytime??) and with fancy goblets of sparkling red grape cider.  Then Friday, I believe we're going to take Gabe to his Grammie's house while we go for an evening out.  :]  Life is good.  God is faithful.  And doesn't it feel nice to be loved?

What's in a Name?

Happy Monday, folks!
How fares your day?  Mine has been a pretty good one, albeit rather gloomy.  But Gabe & I saw fresh green shoots in our flower beds, and tiny green buds in the small woods by our home.  Spring is COMING!!!

Here's a fresh set of epithets for you, m'dears.  :]


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M | English (rare), Welsh

Unknown.  Could be a combination of, or derived from, the names Howell (ultimately from Welsh, "eminent") and Hylan ("high land").

F | English, Biblical, Biblical Latin, Biblical Greek, Ancient Greek, Greek Mythology

Means "green shoot" in Greek, and refers to the new plant growth of Spring.  This was another name of the Greek goddess Demeter.  And in the New Testament, Paul mentions a Chloe in one of his letters.  As an English name, it's been in use since the Protestant Reformation.


Variant of Fionnbarr, meaning "fair hair."  It is derived of the Irish elements fionn "white, fair" and barr "head."


Means "earth" in Sanskrit.

Names & meanings via behindthename.com.
Photos via Pinterest.

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Got any faves of these?
I think Dhara is rather unique & lovely.  *^ - ^*

Coming Soon!

I know this isn't the writerly post I promised. . . It's still in the works!  I had a good bit of it drafted, but quickly realized I had more to say (& research) and not enough time today to finish it properly.  And forbid it of me to write anything in haste!

(You knew that was coming, didn't you??)

> > > > > < < < < <

So, instead I pop on right quick to tell you this:










EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! *throws sprinkles*

Coming to this little blog in March will be a fun writerly link-up for any & all who wish to join in.  More details & specifics to come the last week before March, but I can tell you each week following will feature a fun writing prompt.  

If you wish to participate, you'll take said prompt & bedazzle it with all your creative-ness that week, and then publish the result on your blog, linking back to mine here.  :]  Make sense?  (You don't really need to know that right now, but there it is anyways.)

Put March 3rd on a teeny backburner in your mind!!! We'll have much fun, I promise (I hope).  :]

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I hope your Saturday was lovely, my friends.