Heads Up! | A Giveaway

Hullo, and welcome, me lovelies!  

Here's a quick post to say I'm sharing the news of a giveaway, hosted by the ladies of the SKG Fun blog and e-magazine.  Remember them?  Well, they are giving away a free copy of Heather Dixon's Illusionarium!!!  So, GOOOO!! Sign up!

If you read her debut novel, Entwined, a retelling of the 12 Dancing Princesses, then there's a high chance you'll want to get your hands on this one also!

Just FYI, it's a STEAMPUNK novel. *le gasp!*

May the odds be ever in your favor. *wink wink*

Hello, World | Update & Explanation for Blogger-Silence. . .

Apologies for the blogger silence!

It's been a crazy couple weeks.  I know that's an overused excuse, but it's true! One of the doings in my little corner of the world was the wedding of one of my little sisters!  It was such a lovely day and I know both she and her new hubby were more than pleased. 

Julia + Walker

Can you believe we are nearing the end of May??  This year has flown by so fast.  And it seems more so the older I get.  Adulting is rather difficult more oft than not, but I can honestly say I'm loving it!  Especially in having my husband Evan to share it with.  I don't know what I would do without him these days.  And guys, lemme tell ya:  Marriage is AMAZING.


Which brings me to this subject:  I was recently accepted as a writer for this girls' e-magazine entitled, "SKG Fun."  [Click here for the website!]  Within the next couple weeks, I'll be sharing a guest post.  But don't wait till then! It's a lovely magazine for girls, by girls.  The photography and design looks so very professional, in my opinion, and it's got much ado about books, which is simply PERFECT.


Not much more to add by way of update as of right now. . . But I am hoping to be back to normal posting by next week.  Thank you for your faithfulness, dear friends!  And don't forget to visit!

Also, here's an adorable hamster that plays dead.