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Welcome, friend! Relax & rest awhile, if you please. I'm an ordinary girl, a follower of Christ, mama to Gabriel, & wife to Evan. Here in this little space of the online world, I share all manner of bookish things, including full content reviews, writerly snippets, encouragement for everyday life, and a whole collection of names & their meanings.

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My Poetry

Poems composed and written by me, Sarah (pen name: Sarah Sackett, Sarah Dake, or Sarah Cnossen).

Love Me, Is All I Ask
September 17, 2016 & October 20, 2018
A poem to my man for all the patience he has for me and my worrying heart. <3

When fear & doubt assail me
And I am burdened by every task;
When the spirit inside me wavers,
Love me, is all I ask.

When I am caught in the world's lies,
And floundering with many a mask;
When I lie before you battered & defeated,
Love me, is all I ask.

When I remember to choose joy,
And my days are bright & blessed,
I shall thank you for all those times
---you loved me, as I asked.


December 30, 2014

Hello, God, it's me again,
Asking forgiveness for thoughts & sin.
But another prayer I send to You;
Heartfelt, broken, & far from new:
Grant me strength, day by day,
To be Your hands & feet always.
And in the muddle & the mess,
Mold me -- make me -- SELFLESS.


If Trees Could Speak

August 24, 2014

If trees could speak
What would they say?
If they had a voice
What would they relay?

Where their roots grow strong
In God's Earth run deep,
Do tales there dwell?
Do stories sleep?

Perhaps of knights and maidens fair,
Or the breath of a dew-kissed dawn.
Perhaps of unheard legends,
Or ancient creatures long gone.

Maybe a tale they'd weave
Of some unsolved mystery?
Maybe a buried Truth
Of our fading History?

Would they softly whisper
Of treasures hid long ago?
Would they sing of storms--
Oh! to know what they know!

I wonder at these silent Things,
Which stand so strong and meek.
And think to myself:
What if trees could speak?

God of My Praise
April 28, 2014

Though stormy waters of life I face
And trials by fire I daily race;
Though friends betray and family falls,
And for faith I'm bound in prison walls;
Still I pray my song shall be
To God my King in whom I'm free.
Though beaten and bruised in shackles of sin,
My hope is, and will, remain in Him.
He who has defeated Death,
And in whom I draw my every breath.
I trust all to Him, my hands I raise,
For He, alone, is God of my praise.


A Man Called Love
March 19, 2014
He speaks in a whisper, rarely a shout;
His arms are Comfort; He drives away Doubt.
His Word is a sword, sharp and sheer;
His hands, always open, are warm and dear.
He came for sinners, the vilest of all;
Those ready to listen and heed His call.
He came to live, an example to be;
Then surrendered everything to die on a tree.
He lived and died for vast mankind,
Bound in world-chains, hopeless and blind.
His Rescue of Mercy and Grace displayed,
Shattered Death's plan -- man's debt was paid!
He sits now on Heaven's righteous throne,
Awaiting the Day He shall bring us Home.

Who is He? This Lord of Above?
He is my God -- a Man called Love.


Something About a Sunrise

There is something about a sunrise
That speaks of a new glory day;
Something about each tendril of light
And every vivid sun-ray.

There is something about the colors
That speak of an Artist's brush;
Something in each careful hue
To make Lady Dawn blush.

There is Someone in the heavens
Who takes care to paint the morn;
Someone who loves all–
Be they happy, sad, or worn.

There is Someone in the heavens,
Ever near, unseen by earthly eyes;
Whose Light shines through days' end
And wakes again come sunrise.


Come to Me

Cries my burdened soul.
"Worth it all," 
Says He who gave His whole.
I whisper through heavy tears;
Says He, "Forget your fears."
I cry on bended knee.
"My child, 
I will set you free.
                                   Come to Me."


Heavy Heart
My heavy heart is burdened, Lord!
When precious life abruptly ends, 
And we are left to journey forward
Thru pain and trial, frail faith defends.

Tho' Death has lost Your battle fought,
He seems to reign on Earth, yet still;
For every day, lives are o'erwrought
And grief abounds in Death's cold chill.

When cancer takes young mother away,
And children are left to grieve and mourn;
When humanity argues, rights to sway,
And women give in to slaughter unborn.

When feeble body succumbs to age,
And dying woman with family surround
Sees Jesus free her from fleshly cage,
To welcome her home--wisdom now crowned.

When father must bury his baby girl;
In the midst of tears, he takes control,
Speaks forth Christ's truth, sacred pearl,
Then sings, "It is well, it is well with my soul!"

Oh, such faith, I could only wish for!
To sing despite doubt and despair;
To show the love and peace You store,
And help the hurting, their load to share.

My God, my God, I see Your face!
Heavy heart of mine, in Love do dwell.
Still, I sing Your amazing Grace,
And oh! my soul, it is well! It is well!


Trust Me.

I know naught of the future, 
My path is unclear.
Yet, on it He stands; 
My Rock, always near.
I whine and complain,
Displeased with my lot;
Then 'fore Him stand 'shamed,
For 'tis the world I'd sought. 
It shouts all the while:
"You'll never be free!"
But deep in my heart
A whisper says, "Trust Me."


In the Midst of Despair [A Prayer]
(behind the writing of this poem)

Though I trust Your faithful will;
Though I praise You ever still,
In the dark of the night long,
My heart cries out this song:
Oh my God, hear my plea!
Rescue me from the driving sea!
When the world beats me down,
And in despair I seem to drown;
When my future is unclear,
And my worries always near;
Though Your voice whispers love--
My lack of faith, I'm ashamed of.
Though my heart is Yours to keep,
Why do I still cry myself to sleep?


A Girl Worth Waiting For

Lord God, my King,
I humbly pray
For a heart as Yours
To guide me each day.
For Your tender compassion,
Mercy and love,
To be a blessing
And Light from above.
I ask also, dear Friend,
For a sweet and gentle spirit;
You alone, my Saviour,
Can, undoubtedly, give it.
Create in me a servant's heart,
Every day, forevermore,
And help me be
A girl worth waiting for.


As is rain to a parched and dry ground,
So is God's Grace to a heart chained and bound.


I Haven't Read Twilight
a parody of Louis L'Amour's poem “I Haven't Read Gone With the Wind”

I have read Alcott, Austin, and Doyle
What profit is in these?
I sit alone, most times at home
And wonder at such fantasies.
I crouch alone deep inside
To ignore their sickening looks
But no matter where I go
They keep talking about those books.

I cannot check my prideful blush
My color comes and goes.
I redden to my fingertips
And sometimes to my nose.
But they will gasp and exclaim to me
Their expressions full of shock,
“How can this be? How could this be?
You're missing out on lots!”

For my sake, please refrain from going on
About sharpened teeth and sparkling skin.
I care not about that stalker's love song
And despise your idea of perfect men.
Do stop that ceaseless prattle
I care not for wolf-like beasts.
I loathe a love triangle's battle
'Tis pointless folly for heart's to feast.

No other title caused such commotion
(That is, until came The Hunger Games...)
But come, come, what about the attraction
To a certain, particular name?
They ask me if I've read of or know him –
I proudly answer “No.”
But stumble through my next reply
While they simply beam and glow.

I wish I had their awful cheek
I'll just let them have their fling
Then stories I'd tell of my time with Vern
And adventures with Tolkien!
I've read Mrs. Elliot and like to browse
Thru Burnett, Batson, and Hale,
Lahaye and Jenkins, Dekker and Bright –
And Levine, who's name is Gale.

I've traveled far and wide
From Europe to Narnia, if you please.
Why, I've even been to Ireland
On rough and stormy seas!
I've explored the West,
Fought both man and beast,
Traversed the highest mountains
And down to the deepest of Deeps.

I'm familiar with Davis, Doyle, and Milne –
I've read Ham, Henderson, and Keene.
I even know the Grimm Brothers!
Whose tales are often more than they seem.
I love the stories of Flanagan,
They never leave me sullen.
I know Peretti, Paul, and Graham
But I shy away from Cullen!

I'm almost a culture outcast now
For no matter where I go,
They stare around and at me
Because in their minds they know.
I fear if another breathes that dreamy sigh
I just may take flight
To an island far away from that old young guy,
Because NO! I've never read Twilight!


No Longer a Flame
Prayer of the Lukewarm Christian

In days gone by, I was a light;
On fire for God, His image and delight.
A burning flame without a care,
Sent to spread His love everywhere.
But as days went on, trial to trial,
My flame slowly faded, no longer a fire.

What do people see?
When they look through the window at me?
Is it a true Follower, who would give their all?
Or the shell of a mask, like a beautiful doll?

Through the motions I went every day;
On the outside, the perfect Christian in every way.
Thoughts would come, which I dismiss.
Then a passage I heard, said this:

“Neither hot nor cold, are you,
But wretched, poor, and blind is true.
Buy from Me the purest gold,
Dress in the white garments I hold.
Open your eyes to the poison-deceit;
Fall on your knees, fall at My feet.

For I stand and knock at your door;
Pay attention! Listen! I shall settle the score.
If you will hear and answer My call,
A crown you shall wear, riches and all!
With the right to My throne, a victor you'll be,
Just as I Am also, having won the Great Victory.”

As I pondered these words,
New hope sprang forth as a bird
And soared so high, I could feel the wind
Like a breath of love from Heaven's skin.

I see now, O King, the mask I've lived:
To myself, for myself – alone – I've give'd.
Accept my apology, I repent;
From now on, O Lord, I'm all in!

Light my candle, once again
Mold me, use me more – amen!
Forgive me, Lord, I take the blame;
Ignite a fire, feed my flame!


Tennessee Bernie Toad

If I could find the perfect pet,
Be it shop, farm, or road,
Big or small, large or tall,
I would choose... a toad!

He'd sit on my shoulder
And eat crackers all day,
Or purr in my lap
Before going out to play.

The house would be free of flies;
He'll drink from the commode.
What's his name, you may ask?
Why, it's Tennessee Bernie Toad!

We'll sing to the moon each night,
And take long walks or play fetch.
I'll teach him lots of tricks,
He'll be famous, what a catch!

He'll look dashing in a black bow tie
And in the limo we rode.
As people gawk and gasp, I'll shout:
“This is my pet, Tennessee Bernie Toad!”

We'll go together everywhere,
He'll ride in my purse.
When people glare and stare at me,
I'll say, “Hey, I could've chosen worse!”

We'll laugh and cry
About good times we've sowed.
And I'll hug and squeeze my friend and pet,
Tennessee Bernie Toad!

Suddenly I awoke,
My daydream interrupted.
What was that? A croak?
My thoughts were all corrupted.

I look down from rocking chair
And see where two beady eyes showed.
I grin at little creature by the steps
And say, “Hello there, Tennessee Bernie Toad!”


O For the Love of Cheesecake

I can hear it calling me
From a fridge far, far away.
That sweet, delectable goodness!
I could shout, "Hooray, hooray!"
For already I taste the yummy graham
Beneath that cream cheesy fluff,
And loudly my heart sings out
Anxiously awaiting the stuff!
I could dance, I could fly
After first look at such a treat;
Creamy filling so light and fluffy,
Topped with strawberries sweet.

Should you ever find a certain lonely pie,
Do save a piece for my sake!
I'd be yours forever...
O, for the love of cheesecake!


Go the Second Mile
(Matthew 5:38-42) Jan. 8, 2014

What should I do
When to ground I am beat?
What can I do
In this world so bittersweet?
How can I shine
For God all the while?

In every trial and trouble,
Go the second mile.

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