"What's comin' will come and we'll meet it when it does."

Hullo, all.  How fare ye this fine Thursday?  I and my family are quite well, thank you--we can't complain!  God is faithful and so, so very good.
(By the way, can anyone guess who and what the quote is from??)

So. . .
My thinking was, upon the coming of the new year, to commit to writing and posting no less than three posts every week. 

*looks at date of last post*
*laughs hysterically*

Well, as you can see, that hasn't happened.  Hopefully, however, it will change within the next couple weeks.  But I shall not make any promises!  Why?  Simply put, I am planning a wedding!  Mine!!  And it's getting ever closer and closer.  
Only 253 more days to go!!
With that said, we are getting the details ready, planning the guest lists, finding/designing invitations, confirming the venue, looking at housing options, and the list goes on.  If you have been--or are in, or are going to be--in this situation, then you know just how overwhelming it all can be.  But I do know, stress and frustration aside, it will all come together beautifully.  And I can hardly wait.

To top that off, I am also considering opening a new Etsy shop. . . This one, unlike the one I shared with my sisters, will feature framed word art.  I am really excited for this and hope something will come of it.  However, I am at a sort of draw right now in thinking of a shop name. . . Got any ideas?  Evan has been helping me toss around a few, but none have really stuck out to me. . . "Penmaiden's Word Shoppe." "Penmaiden's Lettering." "Penmaiden's Treasures." "Of Pen & Poetry." "Sarah's Cherishables."  Still thinking.  But I am definitely open to suggestions!  Got any ideas, dear creative creatures??

I wanted to take the time in this post to give such an update, but to also ask you, my faithful friends, if you have any questions regarding this whole dating/courting/upcoming marriage thing.  If so, I would be more than happy to answer to the best of my ability.  I am 23 years old now and have a wee bit o' experience under my belt, and it would be an absolute honor to talk with you.  Regarding this, if there was a certain subject you would wish to discuss, I would love to start posting a new topic once every week.  This could include subjects such as patience in God's timing, my view (and others') on dating and courtship, preparing for marriage, homemaking, etc.  I truly believe God has called me to be a wife and (Lord-willing) a mother someday, and I wish to give my utmost to live a godly example for other young ladies, such as yourself--be you, 13, 16, 26 (or older!).  

Along with a different subject post each week, I will still continue to review old books, new books, and even some upcoming releases!  If you have a recommendation, send it my way!  Books are definitely my "one weakness."  :]

Alas, I must bid you adieu for now.
Aaaaaaaannnd leave you with this adorable ball of fur:

Happy Thursday!

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Welcome, 2016

Why, hello New Year.

I suppose this is where we let go of 2015 and plunge faith-first into two thousand and sixteen!  Oh what joy and excitement it brings to see what this year might have in store.  No matter what may come, my God is faithful.

Any goals you plan to set this 2016?

Any challenges you wish to combat?

Any wishes you'd like to see come true?

This coming October, I am going to marry my best friend.  And while I am so afraid that this year will fly by right before my eyes, I can hardly wait for Autumn!  I will begin a new journey in life with the one my heart loves and I can hardly wait.  

Prayer is muchly appreciated, for there is great power in it.  

Thank you, my faithful friends!  
Much love to all, and Happy New Year!

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