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Love through me, Love of God,
There is no love in me;
O Fire of love, light Thou the love
That burns perpetually.
- Amy Carmichael -

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Book Review | An Uncommon Protector

An Uncommon Protector (A Lone Star Hero's Love Story #1) Shelley Shephard Gray
Publisher:  Zondervan Genre:  Christian Fiction, Westerns, Historical Fiction Released:  February 7th, 2017
{GoodReads} Overwhelmed by the responsibilities of running a ranch on her own, Laurel Tracey decides to hire a co…

What's in a Name?

Welcome back, my friends!  Happy Monday! How was your weekend?  Today is the start of a new week and [HOPEFULLY] Evan and my last week at our little country cabin. . . Which means [HOPEFULLY] we will be moving in to our brand new duplex at Overland!  I can hardly wait!  I've already begun movi…

A+A Friday!

AWKWARD Watching old home videos in which you are performing in children's plays from church and you're all knobbly-kneed and sound like a little Southern country girl. . .When you pour what you think is just one more swallow left in your glass, but it turns out to be far more than you anti…

What's in a Name?

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day!  So in honor of this holiday of love, the following names have "love" in their meanings in some way or other.
 Rudo M & F | Southern African, Shono
Means "love" in Shono.

Ahava F | Hebrew
Means "love" in Hebrew.

Carwyn M | Welsh

A+A Friday!

Welcome, welcome!  I can't believe it's already time for another A+A post. . . These Fridays keep flying by! AWKWARD Leaving Walmart and walking through the parking lot to your car when you pass by a guy sitting in his own car picking his nose AND eating it too!  O_O Then your husband says,…

What's in a Name?

Sooooooo. . . I'm attempting to post my normal posts again!  Here's a list of names, as I still love 'em.  Enjoy!!  And if you've any requests, I'll be happy to research them!

Alden M | English AWL-dǝn
This given name hails from a surname, which was derived from the Old English

Returning. . .

Awkward and Awesome posts are back for good!  (hopefully. . .)  :D We'll see.  It may be hit and run regarding whether or not they'll be on each Friday.

We're still in the process of finishing Operation Overland (which I hope to have more pictures soon! we're soooo close!!!), the …

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March Promptlies! >> Week 2
Welcome, WELCOME, one & all! Today marks Week 2 of my writerly link-up! If you're at a loss …
I'm Back!
Well, hullo there! I'm back from an extended hiatus and with a new addition to my little family.…
What's in a Name? || Nicknames!
Happy Monday to you, friends! How was your weekend? Ready for some new nicknames?? I believe I missed…
Excerpt from "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" [THE ROOM]
I don't know if I mentioned this or not in my review of Joshua Harris' I Kissed Dating Goo…