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Hullo, friend, & welcome! In this teeny space of mine you'll find books, reviews about books, fandoms from books, stories I wish to make into books, and other non-bookish things about me & my life as a wife, mama, & homemaker. I wish to live for the glory of my King; I want to be known as an Encourager; & it's my desire to someday publish a book or two. So if you like, pull up a chair, grab your favorite beverage, & sit a while.

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What's in a Name? | Wednesday Edition

Happy Wednesday! How was your week progressing thus far?  Is it Springtime where you live??

Well, normally, as most of you would know, I post Name sets on Mondays. . . But this week is pretty packed with happenings at Overland-home, as well as preparations for a sister's wedding shower.  Sooo, …

i can write. . .

Sometimes, that's exactly how I feel.  And then I don't write AT ALL for ages. . . Let me tell you what I'm sure you already know:  If one doesn't write, one will never become a best-selling author of ANYTHING. 
Ouch.  Kinda harsh, right?  But, good gravy, it's true.  It's …

A + A Friday!

It's Friday, y'all!  How was your week? AWKWARD When a stranger comes to your door asking about renting the other side of the duplex--you fumble your words and point to the realtor's phone number on the sign in the front yard, apologize, and seem (and feel!) rather dumb and then they ap…

Use Your Words, Sweetheart

Mumbling never got anybody anywhere.
Remember that word post I shared last week? Good! 'Cuz here's another one.  :]
I've read a couple books recently where I was greatly impressed by their use of exceptional vocabulary. I found myself extremely grateful for my Kindle and its ability t…

Expand Your Vocab

Well, hullo, my faithful friends. I apologize for my neglect of this little blog. . . Writing my fun little posts, publishing a variety of names and their meanings, attempting to share some helpful writing tips—that's what I want to do. I've found a yearning to write and share all the t…

A+A Friday!

AWKWARD Don't forget to grab the bananas out of your cooler.  Otherwise the bag of pretzels you also left in there might possibly taste like them. . . (the bananas, I mean.) O_oStanding outside while locking up and you hear what sounds like a chicken clucking loudly. . . Turns out it was a woma…

ppl love these

February Snippets!
Here are some Snippets from last month.  These hail from my WIP Safia and another project I'm …
Psalm 34:18
The LORD is near the brokenhearted;  He saves those crushed in spirit.  ( Psalm 34:18) > > >…
In the Midst of Despair [A Prayer]
Have you ever had one of those down days?  Where you feel like everyone and everything is against …
What's in a Name? || Surnames Edition
Good evening, y'all. It's the third week of AUGUST. O_o I'm picking up on my Name post ra…