If Trees Could Speak. . .

I have a new poem to share!  This came to be, simply because of a remark one of my sisters made.  She brought up the subject that if a tree could speak, just think of all the stories it could share.  Well, that immediately brought to my mind the Ents of Tolkien's world.  But that's not exactly what she meant.  

Still, it's an intriguing thing to ponder about the silent Giants of God's kingdom and what knowledge they would have "gathered" over the course of hundreds of years.  

So here's a wondering poem. . .

If trees could speak
What would they say?
If they had a voice
What would they relay?

Where their roots grow strong
In God's Earth run deep,
Do tales there dwell?
Do stories sleep?

Perhaps of knights and maidens fair,
Or the breath of a dew-kissed dawn.
Perhaps of unheard legends,
Or ancient creatures long gone.

Maybe a tale they'd weave
Of some unsolved mystery?
Maybe a buried Truth
Of our fading History?

Would they softly whisper
Of treasures hid long ago?
Would they sing of storms--
Oh! to know what they know!

I wonder at these silent Things,
Which stand so strong and meek.
And think to myself:
What if trees could speak?

by Sarah Dake
August 24, 2014

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  1. Very beautiful, you are quite talented.


  2. I think you managed to wake some stories here! Beautiful work : )

  3. Lovely poem. That's so true! What would trees say? Love your blog xx



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A shapeless mass, and a book of rules,
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