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Hullo, friend, & welcome! In this teeny space of mine you'll find books, reviews about books, fandoms from books, stories I wish to make into books, and other non-bookish things about me & my life as a wife, mama, & homemaker. I wish to live for the glory of my King; I want to be known as an Encourager; & it's my desire to someday publish a book or two. So if you like, pull up a chair, grab your favorite beverage, & sit a while.

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I Will Praise Him Still

"Why am I so depressed?  Why this turmoil within me?   Put your hope in God, for I will still praise Him, my Savior and my God."

In the Midst of Despair [A Prayer]

Have you ever had one of those down days?  Where you feel like everyone and everything is against you?  Even though you know God is on your side and He alone can give you the comfort you need, you still feel. . .alone.  It seems redundant, but still, it can happen. 
Thursday was a beautiful day. …

Excerpt from "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" [THE ROOM]

I don't know if I mentioned this or not in my review of Joshua Harris' I Kissed Dating Goodbye, but I wanted to share this excerpt with you from Chapter Seven: A Cleansed Past: The Room.
In this chapter Mr. Harris tells of a dream he had, a "particularly stirring one."  Please re…

Drama Update! [w/ link to Behind-the-Scenes]

The first weekend of shows has passed!  
All went rather smoothly, with only a few minor glitches.  More importantly, 15 precious souls were saved! and 48 others rededicated their lives to our King.  All praise to Him!
On the 3Maidens blog, you can see a load of pics I've posted with behind-th…

Snippets [September-October]

I've wanted to do another Snippets post for quite a while.  It's been so long!  
Here are a few (in no particular order) from some modern concept stories of mine.  Plus a couple from Safia.

--------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------
      "Hang in t…

What's in a Name?

Gender:  Masculine
Usage:  Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
Pronunciation:  LAYF

Meaning & History
From the Old Norse name Leifr, meaning "descendant, heir."  A famous bearer of this name was Leif Erikson, son of Erik the Red, a Norse explorer who reached America in the early 11th century …

Happy Sunday!

Hello, friends!  Happy Sunday!
Please forgive me for the lack of posts.  My inactivity on the blog is due to my church's drama, in which my sisters and I perform our version of interpretive dance.  Our dear daddy portrays the Holy Spirit, with his awesome bass voice, and our knightly brother i…

What's in a Name?

As per request, here are some Elvish names.  These, and more, can be found on the site  I may do another Elvish post, with Medieval next in line.  =]
Aranel Gender:  Feminine Usage:  Elvish Pronunciation:  ARE-ahn-nell
Meaning & History Elvish form of Sarah, meaning "prince…

Character Profile [Safia]

Because these posts are profiles of characters in my WIP, Safia, I only thought it fitting to share the info of the main character, for whom the story is titled.  =]
Safia Leifson age:  17 height:  5'4" weight:  118 lbs eye color:  deep blue hair color:  jet black home country(ies):  Charan &…

A Word, Guv'na?

boondoggle Dictionary App (for iPhone) noun  1.  a product of simple manual skill, as a plaited leather cord for the neck or a knife sheath, made typically by a camper or a scout.  2.  work of little or no value done merely to keep or look busy.  3.  a project funded by the federal government out of …

ppl love these

February Snippets!
Here are some Snippets from last month.  These hail from my WIP Safia and another project I'm …
Psalm 34:18
The LORD is near the brokenhearted;  He saves those crushed in spirit.  ( Psalm 34:18) > > >…
In the Midst of Despair [A Prayer]
Have you ever had one of those down days?  Where you feel like everyone and everything is against …
What's in a Name? || Surnames Edition
Good evening, y'all. It's the third week of AUGUST. O_o I'm picking up on my Name post ra…