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Welcome, friend! Relax & rest awhile, if you please. I'm an ordinary girl, a follower of Christ, mama to Gabriel, & wife to Evan. Here in this little space of the online world, I share all manner of bookish things, including full content reviews, writerly snippets, encouragement for everyday life, and a whole collection of names & their meanings.

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Snippets [September-October]

I've wanted to do another Snippets post for quite a while.  It's been so long!  

Here are a few (in no particular order) from some modern concept stories of mine.  Plus a couple from Safia.


      "Hang in there, bambino.  The truth will be revealed.  Secrets have a cost, and his time is running out."
--Tony Palladino (Chess' father), CHESS 

      "You think so?"  A movement caught her eye.  "Hey, I gotta go.  See you after school!  Love you, Papa."
      "Love you more!"  The connection ended, and Chess looked up, catching Ben's eye.  How long had he been standing there?

      "I--" she hesitated.  "I was found on the front steps of Caroway Orphanage," she paused and chuckled dryly. "Sounds like a fairytale or a movie, doesn't it?  You read about it happening in stories or watch it in a film, but never think about it as a reality. . . She found me on the brick steps wrapped in nothing but an old pink sweater.  And a note that said one word: Nanami."

      "I had just been rejected by a family I thought might finally take me.  I was wrong.  All hope of adoption disappeared.  My thirteenth birthday was that next month, and all the kids knew once you reached the teens you could 'say goodbye to family dreams.'  When I found out even they didn't want me, I ran to my room, planning to cry my eyes out, wishing I would die from the tears and melt away like the witch in Oz."

      "Jack.  Wake up, ol' chap.  Ja-ack."  Edmund turned to Kyndi and winked, glad to see a smile in return.  In one fluid movement, he grabbed a pillow and tossed it point blank into his friend's snoring face.  With a sound that was something between a snort and a grunt, the burly man awoke instantly and sat up, shaking his head.  Kyndi laughed, but it faded at the sight of the long knife in his right hand.  Once again, she was reminded of their sensitive situation.  Still, it felt good to laugh after the previous day's tension.  She appreciated the lighthearted play at a time like this.
      "Come on, Teddy Bear.  It's time to go." 
      Jack looked at the two of them and rubbed his face.  "Ah, Ed.  I should 'ave known.  Only you would attack a poor chap with a bloody pillow as he lay sleeping." He growled, running a hand over his face.
      Grinning, Edmund stood. "Come on, Mr. Brandt.  Gotta find a new home.  They can't be far behind."
      "Already?" He shook his head, willing the grogginess of sleep away, but froze suddenly and glared quizzically at Edmund.  "Wait.  Did you call me Teddy Bear?"  
      Edmund nearly laughed at the look on his friend's face.  Pushing away the threatening grin, he replied, "Well, yeah."
      "Teddy Bear, my--"
      "Now, Jack.  There's a lady present."  
      In response, Brandt threw the pillow at him.

      "He could return."
      "He won't.  This was a mistake.  He is not--his type is not such the fool that he will try the same thing twice."  She avoided his eyes, fearing he would see right through her.  The tremors had stopped, for now.  But she knew sleep would evade her the rest of the night. 
      "How are you so sure?"  
      She hesitated.  Should she tell him?  That she actually knew the man.  At least by sight, if not by word.
      An Ishadi Aznadhin.  
      A Hunter.

      "You will never know the true power of Fear until you have been one of his prisoners."


Ok, I know.  That was barely enough to even become interested.  But writing on my end has been kind of slow.  Hopefully, that will change after the drama.  =] 

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I enjoyed these! :D I always love to see your writing. It's so fantastic! The "Teddy Bear" scene was hilarious! XD

    Hope the drama is going great!


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