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Oh dear, oh dear. Tut, tut. 

It seems, due to my novice skill in the set up, that the giveaway has ended a day early.  I apologize for those who've missed out!  But I'm afraid if I started it up again, I would lose entries, and I don't want to take the chance. . .

So, winners will still be announced tomorrow!!!  Be on the lookout.

Not sure if I mentioned this, but the first random winner will have the first choice of the prizes, the second next, and you know.  :]  Best of luck to you all!

A HUGE thank you to all the participants.  I couldn't have done this without you!  You have made this a great week!  

Happy Friday!

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Day 2

Woohoo!  It is Day 2 of the P&A Giveaway!

Many thanks to everyone who has entered; now share it with your friends!  There is still plenty of time to sign up--giveaway ends on Friday.

Unfortunately, for some reason, when I comment on another's blog, it's not going through.  So, please forgive me, dear followers! I've tried all I know to reach out to you and remind everyone I can of the giveaway.

Happy Tuesday, all!

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P&A Giveaway!

(Pin-able image!)
It's time!
The day has finally arrived!
Sign-up for the Plain & Average Giveaway starts today (12pm, Eastern Time).

I know I said if I didn't reach my goal of so-many followers, I would post-pone. . . But, seeing as I've never hosted anything this big, I've decided to go on regardless!  Any new friends gathered along the way are most welcome.  :]  (Leave your blog address in a comment and I'll pop in for a visit!)

Enter below to win one of these three amazing prizes:

-  Handmade Fingerless Gloves
-  Stepping Heavenward by Mrs. Elizabeth Prentiss
-  "To the Heights" original painting (acrylic)

First, as you will see below, you must be a follower of this here blog to enter.  Sorry, it's a given.  But I'd be more than delighted to have you!  :]

Second, you have oodles of choices below giving you a pretty good chance of winning.

Aaaand, as previously mentioned, there will be THREE random winners! (To be announced this Saturday, November 1st.) What more do you need?

Hop to it, dearies!  And share with your friends!!

A + A Friday! and Giveaway Reminder

YES!  Coming this Monday, dearies!  Put it on your calender! 

Beginning Monday, October 27th, you can sign up to win one of three awesome prizes!  Don't worry, the giveaway will be open to everyone for the whole week (ends on Friday, the 31st, winners announced that Saturday!).

I'm still hoping for 80 followers!  But regardless the number, the giveaway will still go on.  So, spread the word! I'll love you forever. :]


  • In the car, returning from church, with one of your sisters, and for some reason you both start singing the Kim Possible theme song.  Kinda awesome, actually.  :]
  • Eye boogers.
  • Having a b-day party for your grandfather; you're all gathered in the kitchen to bless the food, and the grill catches fire. . . Someone hollers "WATER!!" and 13 people freeze, then scramble to help.  (No worries!  Thanks to quick-thinking brother who pulled it off the back porch, and Daddy hosing it down.  Definitely a birthday party no one will forget anytime soon.)
  • This video by BlimeyCow (awkward and HILARIOUS):
  • Winning a board game a mile in front of the other players and feeling guilty. . .
  • It's amazing how accurate the "relate-able/that's me" posts are.  xD  'Cause this, is so me.

  • PLENILUNE by Jennifer Freitag -- pre-ordered it to my Kindle Fire, and loving it so far.  Review to come soon!
  • Just receiving a UPS order from BookLookBloggers, with my brand-new book, The Princess Spy!  Made even more awesome, 'cause I'd forgotten about it!  :D
  • Spending time with a cousin you haven't seen in what seems like ages.  Planning an evening of baking cookies and card games (PITT!)
  • Nearly at the half-way mark of the 100-4-100 Writing Challenge.  Day 40, baby!
  • Watching the newest VeggieTales video, Beauty & the Beet.  One of their best ever!  (Yes, I still watch VeggieTales. :] )
  • Hearing of a song and learning it the very next day.  "How Can It Be" by Lauren Daigle.
  • Sending another poem out for publishing!!!
  • Securing a part-time job at LifeWay!! Woohoo!

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Here's a poem I had written way back in. . . April.  Hmm.  Not sure why I hadn't posted it before.

Enjoy. :]


This homeland is mine
Though no deed have I.
I'll claim these mountains
Till the day I die.
These valleys I'll roam
Where horizons meet,
And eagles soar,
The high skies to greet.

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A + A Saturday

Yep.  I suppose by now you know it's Saturday.  Heheh. . . I had this post in the drafts yesterday, but was too tired to finish it last night.  So you get a short version today!  Enjoy.  :]

  • Enjoying a tractor show with your family and listening to a bluegrass band when all of a sudden, there's an older woman standing right beside you.  She invites you and family to come by her church's booth to win a pumpkin. . . Wide-eyed, you nod and thank her and she mozies on.
  • Creating a tiny tree out of yarn scraps from your sisters knitting. . . Nothing but yarn, baby! Now, that's talent.  Just look!

What?  At least I wasn't shooting the wall!
*wink wink* (Kudos if you got that reference. . .) ;D
  • Speaking to an older gentleman who has difficulty in hearing and you must repeat yourself three times to be heard.  He isn't fazed one bit, he just laughs; so you smile and laugh with him.
  • I'm afraid someone will think I like owls. . . 
My handbag, Tervis, and lunchbox. . .
  • That moment when you receive a package and you must sign while the delivery guy waits.
  • Not remembering enough awkward moments for a complete post about awkwardness. . . Is that a good thing? 
  • Watching this GIF and realizing I would be the one holding the hoop. . .

  • Going to an interview at LifeWay last Wednesday.  May or may not get the job, but I'll praise Him either way. :]  (Many thanks for your prayers!!)
  • Earning a wee bit o' income by filling in at the church office for the week.
  • Finding the Beautiful Books link-up and getting excited again about your WIP (work-in-progress).
  • Homemade Hot Chocolate.
  • Shopping with ma sisters. 
  • When a book you've been putting off for awhile turns out to be one of those you can't seem to put down.  Happens a lot.  :]
  • Hosting a hayride/cookout get-together with friends and family.  Good food, good fellowship, and good singin' 'round the campfire.

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Beautiful Books | A Link-Up

Wow.  I just stumbled upon this thanks to my blogger friend, Jameson C. Smith, and her Lovely Whatsoevers.  Pop on over and give her little blog a look-see.  Her story ideas are amazing! AND she's a fan of Middle Earth.  :]  Of course, that's not all (though it should be enough to make you wanna visit).  She's a sweet young lady who honors Christ in all she does.  Love ya, girl. :D (Hope I didn't embarrass you in anyway. . .)

So, with this discovery, I just HAD to try it out.  I guess I'm in one of those times where my story just seems so bleh.  It happens quite often, but this little link-up may be just what I need.

Hosted by Sky, from Further Up and Further In, and Cait, from The Notebook Sisters, (inventors of Beautiful People) it is designed with NaNoWriMo in mind.  But it is not required that you actually participate in NaNo in order to link-up.  While I do not take part in NaNo myself, I going to look forward to the Beautiful Books questions every month!


1.  What came first: characters or plot idea? Are you a plotter or a pantser?
          Pfft. Characters!  I am most definitely NOT a plotter.  I look to my sisters for that, because plotting is my most weakest area regarding stories. . . I might get an inkling of an idea, but to make it awesome and complex? I need help.  :]

2.  Do you have a title and/or a "back-cover blurb"?
        Right now, all of my stories are titled after their main characters; that's not to say it couldn't change, though. . .  It's simple (I'm sure it's been done before) and, in my opinion, makes the tale personal.  For, if ever you open one of my stories (God-willing), you are opening up the life of one of my main characters.  Essentially, this happens in most every book you will read, but for my stories (WIP and concept alike), it fits.

As for a blurb:
           Ambushed on open waters, a great battle ensues.  Only Safia Leifson, a young lady of seventeen, survives, as explosion after explosion sends both ships down to the Deep.  Rescued by a royal ship of Gondoa, who is transporting the prince home after a lengthy ambassadorial trip to allied countries, Safia comes into the care and protection of the men of the Victory's Crown.  With the help of Prince Rydan and in keeping her father's dying wish, she journeys to Charan in search of her mother's family.  Along the way, she takes comfort in a valuable medallion given to her by her father, which hides a piece of a secret only she knows.
          Can she truly surrender the overwhelming grief and find the peace she longs for?
          And will she ever learn to trust again?  Not only Rydan, in whom she finds a worthy friend, but also the God she had abandoned long ago?

3.  What wordcount are you aiming for when your novel is finished?
          Gosh.  I dunno.  I've been working on this story, off and on, for almost four years now.  O_O What? It's been that long??  Wow.  Yes, I suppose it has.  This just goes to show, friends, you must persevere!
          I know I should have a wordcount goal, but right now, it's not a priority.

4.  Sum up your novel in three sentences.
          A living nightmare costs her the only family she had left.  Now, independent Safia Leifson must rely entirely on others to complete a promise to her dying father and beware a dangerous enemy.  Along the way, can she learn to trust the God who took her family and finally find the peace for which her tortured heart yearns?

5.  Sum up your characters in one word each.
          Safia:  Broken.
          Rydan:  Leader.
          Kenna:  Gentle.
          Peder:  Friend.
          Logan:  Loner.

6.  Which character are you most excited to write?  Tell us about them!
          He's not listed above, but he's a definite favorite.  Mo'mbweno Bengali, affectionately known as "Mo."  A big guy with big heart.  Native of Makar, a country based on our Africa.  He's loyal to a fault and serves as the personal, self-appointed bodyguard of Rydan, who he calls Raja, which is the Makarian word for "prince."

7.  What about your villain?  Who is he, and what is his goal?
          Ah.  *clears throat*  Here, we hit a kind of wall. *cough cough HACK*
          I DO have a villain!  I promise.  He's just a Nameless Evil right now.  I know, that's ironic coming from me, the Queen of Names.  But I've tossed several around and none fit.  I have an idea of his character and set role in the story, but he's kind of like a ghost right now. . .  Can't give anything away as it plays a huge part in the story.

8.  What is your protagonist's goal? And what stands in the way?
          To complete the task her father assigned her and to uncover a hideous deceit that could be the downfall of a free ocean and a free country.
          A Nameless Evil.  Heheh.

9.  What inciting incident begins your protagonist's journey? 
          An ambushed battle at sea, in which she alone survives.

10.  Where is your novel set?
          In my Medieval/Fantasy world of Everon.  Each country, for the most part, resembles one of our actual countries.  For example:
          Gondoa = America
          Charan (pro. "sha-RAHN") = France
          Ardos = England
          Emiraldi = Ireland
               and so on. . .

11.  What are three big scenes in your novel that change the game completely?
          Unraveling Leifson's puzzle, which eventually leads her to the home she would never forget, a place of sadness and memory.  This is scattered throughout the story, but Safia's realization in understanding what her papa's vague words really mean is a big step in this tale.
          When Safia realizes there is an underlying plot of deceit and revenge that could not only sever the Leifson line, resulting in her death, but destroy the government and royal family of an allied country, and replacing them with a monster (figuratively speaking.  In short, he's the bad guy).
          Finding the treasure.

12.  What is the most dynamic relationship your character has? Who else do they come into contact with or become close to during the story?
          Oo.  Um, dynamic? Well, there's gonna be a little bit of romantic attraction, of course, between Rydan and Safia.  Kenna, one of Rydan's younger sisters (and closer to Safia's own age), becomes a good friend of Safia.  And at the home of her mother's family, she finds a lifelong friend in one of her many cousins, Logan, who is somewhat of a reserved introvert before meeting her.

13.  How does your protagonist change by the end of your novel?
          After losing much, she gains much.  She learns to fully rely on God, whether or not she understands His ways, and to be more open with those she loves, not keeping it all tucked away on the inside.  Doubt and Fear cannot hold her down!

14.  Do you have an ending in mind, or do you plan to see what happens?
          I think I know how I want to end it.  It could be liable to change, but I have a pretty set idea of how it'll happen.

15.  What are your hopes and dreams for your book? What impressions are you hoping this novel will leave on your readers and yourself? (This is your mission statement, one you can look back on when the road gets tough.)
          Eventually, I would love to see this story published.  I don't know if it will ever happen.  Getting it published is not exactly my life-long mission, I have far too many other priorities.  But to see it happen one day would give me great joy.
          I'm hoping Safia's story will encourage others who are struggling with life that there really is a light at the end of the tunnel.  But only if the eyes are fixed on the only true Light.  I want to let them know that our circumstances to not define us.  How we react to those circumstances is another matter.
          Through all the tragedies and heartbreak this world throws at us, God is still in control.  Just that phrase gives me pure relief, because I know we have the ultimate victory.


Wow.  This has been great!  It's really helped me plant a few more ideas and tie off a couple loose ends.  We're moving right along!  

Thanks for reading, dearies!  I hope you've enjoyed reading my answers as much as I've enjoyed answering.  If you wish to join the link-up, hop on the bandwagon and click here!  I don't think you'll regret it one bit.  :]

Happy Thursday!

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Book Review | Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes
Angel Eyes Trilogy #1
Shannon Dittemore

Publisher:  Thomas Nelson
Genre:  YA Fiction, Christian
Released:  2012

Once you’ve seen, you can’t unsee. Everything changes when you’ve looked at the world through . . .


Brielle’s a ballerina who went to the city to chase her dreams and found tragedy instead. She’s come home to shabby little Stratus, Oregon, to live with her grief and her guilt . . . and the incredible, numbing cold she can’t seem to shake.

Jake’s the new guy at school. The boy next door with burning hands and an unbelievable gift that targets him for corruption.

Something more than fate has brought them together. An evil bigger than both of them lurks in the shadows nearby, hiding in plain sight. Two angels stand guard, unsure what’s going to happen. And a beauty brighter than Jake or Brielle has ever seen is calling them to join the battle in a realm where all human choices start.

A realm that only angels and demons—and Brielle—can perceive.

WARNING: Possible Spoilers

[The Basics]
This, to say the least, is an intriguing story.  Haha. But you know I can't stop there!  (I apologize in advance, this review is lengthy.  :-/ ) I was pleasantly surprised with quality of writing and the simple, yet supernatural plot.

First of all, this tale is written in first person.  And while that is my least favorite of writing styles, I was drawn into Brielle's story right from the start.  Shannon Dittemore has a way with words that is unique and will leave you thinking, "Wait. Why didn't I think of that?"  Her imagery is fantastic.

Brielle Matthews has just returned from the big city to her tiny, small-town hole of Stratus.  Two years prior, she was given the chance to begin her ballet dream, for which she is naturally gifted, and given a scholarship to attend a pristine dance school.  At first, things are fabulous and she makes friends.  But all too soon a terrible tragedy tears her world in two and she seeks refuge in her old hometown.  Upon arriving home, Brielle's father, a giant of a lumberjack, greets her openly.  Because of her mother's death many years ago, it has just been the two of them and they have stuck pretty close.  At least until she left for the city.  Turns out, the only thing that has changed in her absence is herself.  Little Stratus is the same old same old.  Well, except for the new kid.

Jake Shield is a mysterious guy.  And his guardian, Canaan, is just as much a puzzle.  Brielle can't quite figure them out, but she does find a friend in Jake, and for that, she is grateful.

Her relationship with her father is sweet.  There is no doubt her loves her deeply, but his work keeps him away more often than not.  Dad gives Brielle the space she needs and even goes so far as to make sure one of her old friend's is around to keep her company for a day.

Jake answers Brielle's questions as best as he knows how.  He tells her what she wants to know, but doesn't press his beliefs.  All too often, as Christians, we think that what's best for an unbeliever is to get a good Bible-thumping one way or another, right?  But not so, the human soul is a fragile thing, something Jake knows by pure experience.

A girl gets pregnant out of wedlock, though she and her boyfriend plan to later get married.

[SPOILER] An underlying plot of human trafficking takes place behind the scenes, though it is hinted at many times.  Children and teens are kidnapped to be later sold.  This doesn't go into detail, thankfully, but you are aware of this horrid crime.  The captives are kept in a warehouse, secured like dogs to poles and paralyzed with terror.

[Spiritual Content]
Whew, boy.  Well, this little tale centers around the supernatural, so of course God's angels and those of the Fallen play a huge part in the story.  First, you must know there are two realms.  The Celestial, that by which the angels and demons see, and the Terrestial, where we humans live in.  In the Celestial, emotions are clearly visible.  Fear is described as a tar-like substance, which can anchor a person down and hold him/her paralyzed.  It oozes from the body and is just all-around nasty.  Colors swirl in constant motion and what is invisible to human eyes becomes visible.

Both demons and angels have the ability to take on human/Terrestrial forms, where other humans can see them.  Angels, in this story, are male or female.  This kinda threw me off for a bit, because angels are never really given a gender according to Scripture, but for this tale, it fit.

According to this story, the 2/3rds of angels who resisted the Prince of Darkness were rewarded by God with crowns, or halos.  These halos have a heavenly light and emit comforting heat and peace to whoever holds it and helps to reveal special abilities.  Jake has a gift: the ability to heal.  Brielle learns that, with the help of the halo, she can see into the Celestial, whereas Jake cannot.  I could add a lot more regarding the halo, but moving on.

Jake, having been raised by Canaan (have you guessed what he is?), seems to radiate heat and light, which shows his devotion to God.  References are made to Scripture.  Brielle's father, because of the loss of his wife, is angry with God, who he deems as cruel and nonexistent.  When Brielle shares this with Jake, he says, "[God] can't be both."  Jake trusts wholly in God, even though He doesn't always understand His ways.  Brielle has more difficulty in such simple faith.

In one scene, we are given a glimpse of heaven and the Throne Room of God.  Angels are singing praises in the background.  At other times, the angel guardians shout praises to God while on their earthly missions.  For angels, these assignments are highly regarded, whereas for the Fallen, they are despised and often given as punishment.  The angels have full ability in the Celestial, but the demons are limited.  The light is painful to their twisted bodies, and while they exult in flight, to them, being in the dark halls of their Prince is the more favored of jobs.

A demon-man shoots a woman in the gut  [SPOILER] but she doesn't die. . . The same demon shoots another man, then stabs him in his heart/soul with his sword.  One man is shot in cold blood by another bad guy.  We hear the shots and see the results in the Celestial realm.  Another is shot twice and dies.

Two men beat and batter one another, eventually resulting in one man pinning the other's arm between two palettes and starts to swing a board with projecting nails--he's stopped.

Wings (of angels and demons alike) are stabbed, tattered, torn, and broken.
Demons are stabbed and slashed, one beheaded. (They disappear as ash, apparently returning to their "home" to face the wrath of their Prince.)

A girl is stabbed in the chest by a thrown knife.

[Language, Alcohol & Drugs]
One "sheesh."  Curses are muttered under the breath, but not spelled out.  Brielle's dad drinks beer a time or two.

[Love-y Content]
Several kisses.  Yep, you knew this was a romance, right?  A good deal of holding hands, embracing/ comforting through hugs.  It's obvious Jake and Brielle come to care for one another.  But they wisely choose boundaries.

Overall, I really enjoyed this.  In a way, it reminded me briefly of Frank Peretti's books (absolute favorites), "This Present Darkness" and "Piercing the Darkness," in how the angels and demons are portrayed.  Because we don't truly realize, and some blatantly ignore, that there is a supernatural realm, it takes a bit of imagination and I love how Shannon Dittemore visualizes it.

This book makes it clear that one realm (Celestial/Terrestrial) does not operate without the other.  Brielle realizes this and comes to understand that God is in total control.  Not one thing happens that He did not already foresee.  I was pleased this story made a point to state this fact.  God is in control, even when hope is gone and Darkness seems to hold the victory.

And He's given us a promise!  The battle is already won.

"For our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the world powers of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavens."
-Ephesian 6:12-

Recommended ages:  YA, 15+

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What's in a Name?

Because of the popularity of futuristic/dystopian novels and films, this set of names holds what I deem to be "futuristic."  Or what could be used in a story of that genre.  In short, they are simply unique.  :]

Any thoughts?  What's a name you would most likely use in a futuristic story of your own?

Gender:  Masculine
Usage:  English (rare)
Pronunciation:  BRAND

Meaning & History
From a surname, a variant of Brant, which is derived from the Old Norse name Brandr, meaning "sword."

Gender:  Feminine
Usage:  Popular Culture
Pronunciation:  ZEE-nah

Meaning & History
A variant of Xenia, meaning "hospitality" in Greek.  This was the given name of the main character in the 1990's TV show, "Xena: Warrior Princess."

Gender:  Masculine
Usage:  unknown (rare)
Pronunciation:  PAW-loh

Meaning & History
Unknown.  Most likely a variant or nickname of the Greek name Apollo, of unknown meaning, though it is possibly related to the Indo-European apelo meaning "strength."

Gender:  Feminine & Masculine
Usage:  English (American)
Pronunciation:  JEN-tree

Meaning & History
From the English word and surname gentry, referring to "people of good education and breeding; those people between the nobility and yeomanry; courtesy; civility; complaisance."  From the Old French genterise.

Other forms:  Gentry, Gentri, Jentri, Jentrie

 photo sarahsignature_zps5172c7cd.png
Names & meanings via
Photos via Pinterest.

A + A Friday!


  • Having company over for dinner and the conversation somehow turns to talking about the farming and old memories of harvesting tobacco. . . 
  • Discovering a huge caterpillar, approximately 4-5 inches long, and just kinda. . . EW.  But then finding out from a friend that it is what would become a beautiful Imperial Moth! (I guess that's not really awkward, but, yeah. . . Just thinking what would happen if it was squished.  Messiness EVERYWHERE.)
  • The fact you are so very gullible.  No, seriously.  For instance, reading books and coming across awesome plot twists, but discovering someone else found them quite predictable and you're just like, "But--But, it was so unexpected!"
  • Hey.  Hey, guys, guess what.  Blu-ray disks don't work in DVD players.
  • Disliking the cold.  And then, when you sing Elsa's song and it comes to "the cold never bothered me anyway!" you can't help from feeling guilty, 'cause it seems that you're lying.
  • Putting plastic wrap over only half of the big bowl of veggies [awaiting their moment of stardom (to be cooked)], then getting distracted and walking away. . .  Your mother looks at you funny and ends up finishing what you had started.  Oops.
  • Speaking to a friend or family member and your next word escapes you and you are left blank, while they wait patiently 
  • Seeing objects (like clothes hanging on the balcony, a flag waving in the wind, or objects sitting on a counter) in your peripherals and thinking they are. . . a person.  Or your cat.  

  • When the leaves just begin to change colors!
  • When a lady you just met tells you and your sisters that you're all beautiful.  *beams*  (And you look down and see that you're wearing your farm jeans, work boots, and oversized t-shirt.)  Just goes to show appearance definitely isn't everything!
  • Having to cut down an old oak tree (which is saddening), but coming away with a TON of wood for the Winter! 
  • Receiving new books in the mail!  NEVER. GETS. OLD. 
  • Homemade stir-fry dinner with the whole family.  <3
  • Awesome new TV show called </scorpion>
Meet Chibi Godzilla.  Ferociously cute.  xD (Pinterest)

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It seems there has been a slight misunderstanding.  So, to clarify: I'm hoping to reach 80 followers by the end of this month, in order to host this giveaway.  Make sense?  You must be a follower of this blog to participate and have a chance to win one of the three awesome prizes.  

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Thanks for reading!  Fairfarren, for now.

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Lawfullness, Hip Bones, and Palabras

Words, words.  I love words.  Written words, mind you.  I'm not much of a speaker.  ;D  Some words are so fantastically awesome.  Have you heard of any of these?

- a violent squall that blows in near-polar latitudes
(as in the Strait of Magellan, Alaska, and the Aleutian Islands)
- [French] to address (someone), address familiarly
- mercury, regarded by the alchemists as the assumed first 
principle of all metals; the universal remedy of Paracelsus
- [Spanish] a word; speech, talk
- of or pertaining to bells or bell ringing
- an awkward, eccentric, or foolish person
- certainly
- one who walks barefoot
- a little song, a ditty

Whatcha think?  I found them on the website,, where they post a daily word of the day.  As you can see above, some are simply hilarious!  Why don't you find a random word of your own and make a point to use it for the rest of this week?

Hmm.  By now, I imagine you are wondering what's with the ridiculous title, right?  Well, I'll get to

How did certain words that mean a certain thing come to mean something entirely different?

For example, "Dude! that's totally legit, man!"  Well. . . Did you know, the word legit is derived from legitimate, which means "according to law; lawful."  So, when someone says the above statement, they are, in essence, saying (if we're thinking literally here) "Dude! that's lawful!"  Haha, makes you think, yes?  How did legit come to mean "awesome" or "cool"?

Same thing with "hip" . . .

"My parents aren't exactly hip, you know."

To me, that little word means the bone that sticks out a bit from the side of the pelvis and is attached to the upper femur of the leg.  In short, ma hip bone.  And dude, that's hip!  (Okay, horrible joke. . . Moving on.)  The term hip these days comes to mean "fashionable, stylish."  But how did that happen?

Good question.  Not sure how to answer that.  I did Google it, but so far came up with nothing. . . I guess the world just feels it needs to re-define some things.  I dunno.  By the way, no offense to anyone out there who do use these words.  There's nothing wrong with it.  You can say whatever you wish.  [Just don't misuse my God's name.  Use ice cream flavors!]

It seems I'm rambling.

So, in conclusion of this random post, I'd like to share a bit of my over-flowing wisdom.  (And promptly bow before you in utmost humbleness that I have such wisdom. . . *sweeps a flourishing bow* Yes, thank you, thank you.  Oh, you are too kind!)

A writing tip for you, dearies!  I know I've mentioned it before, but have you ever thought when writing in the various genres to use words that fit those particulars eras, times, places, etc?  For instance, if I was writing a period drama, set in England (No!), then would one of my characters exclaim, at one point, "Golly-bum, Lady Quackenbush!  Are you mad?"

Of course not!  In my opinion, this also applies when describing landscapes, people, objects, etc.  I've used this example many times, and it's stuck with me:  I once made the mistake of describing an exhilarating dragon-ride amid a flurry of marshmallow clouds.  Please note, this took place in a medieval/fantasy setting, and I don't believe marshmallows had even made an appearance yet.  But it's my world and my story, right?  Needless to say, I did change it.  :]

Moral of my mind-blowing wisdom:  Research your words.  Make 'em fit your genre-era.

I love reading old historical fictions, set in the early 1800s and "hear" them speaking in the rich dialect that seems to have been long forgotten.  Or experience the oral duels of western men and their cowboy slang (without the unnecessary cussin'.  Ice cream flavors, people!)

Thanks for reading!

Did you know there is such a thing as a bibliophobe??  What is this, you may ask?  It is a person who hates, fears, or distrusts books.

WHAAAAAAT??  There's such a thing?  *faints amidst a heap of my preciouses*

Fairfarren, my friends.

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Book Review | Lady in Waiting

Lady in Waiting
Becoming God's Best While Waiting for Mr. Right
Jackie Kendall & Debby Jones

Publisher:  Destiny Image Publishers
Genre:  Christian, Non-Fiction, Women's Devotional
Released:  2005

[rear cover]
You hold in your hands a fresh and exciting way to enhance your personal life and enrich your spiritual journey.  This expanded edition of Lady in Waiting includes:

  • Original text of the best-selling book--complete and unabridged!
  • Complete Study Guide--Learn how to apply the principles taught in Lady in Waiting. These questions, quotes, thoughts, and teachings will help you to become the woman of God that He designed you to be.  You can also record your spiritual growth in a specially designed journal section.  Don't miss this opportunity to become God's lady in waiting!
  • Forty-Day Meditational Journal--This section offers profound motivational truths from some of the greatest women of God in the history of the Church, with meditative readings to help you live in the presence of the Lord every day.
Quiet meditation, contemplative prayer, and careful study will help you receive the full benefit from spiritual truth. . . When you give yourself to the Lord through the pages of this book, the spiritual truths you gain will bring you to new places in your experience with God and prepare you for deeper levels of loving relationships!


Sorry, guys.  I just realized it's been far too long since I've reviewed any kind of book.  So, when I started this one, I knew I had to share it.  As seen above, this particular copy contains the book, a study guide, and meditational journal.  Love it all!

Lady in Waiting is a beautiful book of learning to truly follow and trust Christ in these years as a single.

"No one, not even the man you will marry one day, can make you happy--only Jesus can."
(page 14)

I don't know about you, but that has been a hard truth for me.  I struggle with learning to be content and patient, to wait out what God has in store for me.

One of my favorite songs (and if you know me, I have many favorites), is "The Longer the Waiting, the Sweeter the Kiss."  To me, this concept applies to various situations.  For example, I LOVE Starbucks' Chai Tea Lattes.  And on the rare occasions that I purchase one (or someone buys it for me) is a super-real treat.  So in a sense, the longer the waiting, the sweeter the taste.  Well, this is good to follow in life.  God has given us the waiting years for a reason.  Maybe your future spouse has yet to become a Christian, or maybe you have much to learn and grow in your own relationship with Christ.  Whatever it may be, and no matter how difficult, God asks us to patiently wait in faith.

Using the excellent example of Ruth's story in the Bible, the authors Jackie Kendall and Debby Jones construct a book of guidelines for the single lady to eventually become a Lady of. . .

  • Reckless Abandonment
  • Diligence
  • Faith
  • Virtue
  • Devotion
  • Purity
  • Security
  • Contentment
  • Conviction
  • Patience
Out of all of these, my favorite chapter had to be the one about being a Lady of Devotion.

"Much too often, people view a single woman as though she should be pitied rather than envied.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  A Lady in Waiting has the advantage of being able to develop her love relationship with Christ without the distractions that a husband or family inherently bring to one's heart." (p. 65)

That doesn't mean the husband and children are a curse.  No! Far from it.  They are simply a different kind of blessing.  The single lady can devote her time fully to God alone, while the family of the married woman is her ministry to God.  Make sense?

"As a single, you have a wonderful opportunity to use your time to maximize your fellowship with God.  When you love someone, you give them your heart, the center of your being.  God asks for no less." (p. 67)

There are so many great quotes from this I could share with you, but then I might as well re-publish the whole book in a post!  So, before I leave you, here is one last statement I wish to conclude with:

"[G]iving Christ your heart means you are not free to give it away to other things or people that come into your life (in idolatry).  You can't give a part to relationships that delight you in this world and still seek God with a whole heart.  You cannot keep a part of your heart for something that may seem better if it comes along.  Devotion to the Lord Jesus is giving everything or nothing at all. . ." (p. 69)

In conclusion, I LOVED this book.  It is a definite must read for all of you single (or married) ladies.  I've told my sisters a couple times already, "You must read this one!" (And they are.)

While purity plays a huge part in these pages and in life as a daughter of the King, there is absolute hope for the princess who has already lost it.  All it takes is a little bit of trust. . . and, of course, faith is a must. :]

I'd also like to encourage you to re-read the book of Ruth.  Pay close attention to her patience and willingness to follow God whole-heartedly, even when that meant losing the only life she knew.  Her love story only added to the lineage of Christ.

Recommended ages:  16+

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