P&A Giveaway!

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It's time!
The day has finally arrived!
Sign-up for the Plain & Average Giveaway starts today (12pm, Eastern Time).

I know I said if I didn't reach my goal of so-many followers, I would post-pone. . . But, seeing as I've never hosted anything this big, I've decided to go on regardless!  Any new friends gathered along the way are most welcome.  :]  (Leave your blog address in a comment and I'll pop in for a visit!)

Enter below to win one of these three amazing prizes:

-  Handmade Fingerless Gloves
-  Stepping Heavenward by Mrs. Elizabeth Prentiss
-  "To the Heights" original painting (acrylic)

First, as you will see below, you must be a follower of this here blog to enter.  Sorry, it's a given.  But I'd be more than delighted to have you!  :]

Second, you have oodles of choices below giving you a pretty good chance of winning.

Aaaand, as previously mentioned, there will be THREE random winners! (To be announced this Saturday, November 1st.) What more do you need?

Hop to it, dearies!  And share with your friends!!


Amy said...

Hey Sarah! I'm really excited about this giveaway. I am so glad you decided to do it ;-)

God Bless, Amy Kathleen
<3 Jesus was my first love <3

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Hi, Amy! It's certainly my pleasure! :] These things can be stressful, but SO much fun. And I love meeting new friends!

wilsonsisterto7 said...

Hi, Sarah!! Your Blog is lovely & the content is great!! I cannot wait for the giveaway... I just started a Book-Blog not too long ago. You can hop over for a visit, if you'd like! :) http://plottingertwist.blogspot.com/

Paige said...

Sarah, the prizes look wonderful! Like Amy, I too am so glad you decided to run this giveaway! Paige x

Michelle Dyck said...

Yay! It's starting! :D
One question: is the Google Friend Connect part necessary to enter? I didn't do that because I'm not on Friend Connect (and I actually had to look it up to find out what it is :P). Am I still entered?

Libby said...

Great giveaway :) Love the prizes, my favorite is the book though. And I'm not planning on seeing the new Disney movie ;)

Thanks for hosting such a fun giveaway!

Christine Smith said...

Whooo! I'm soooo excited about this!!! :D

Goodness me, ALL the prizes are so enticing. I think, though, the gloves is my favorite. I kind of have an obsession with gloves, ESPECIALLY homemade ones. And those...scrumptious!

Oh man, I SO want to see Big Hero 6! I bet it's going to be awesome! Whether or not we'll get a chance to see it in theaters, I don't know. We never can seem to find time for that. But I hope so! Seeing movies in the theater is one of my top favorite activities. And, hello? It's DISNEY. Obviously it's going to be epic.

Thank you so much for hosting this, Sarah. I'm just bubbling with excitement!

Heather said...

Hey neat giveaway! I'm interested in the book "Stepping Heavenward." I've seen it before but never read it.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

wilsonsisterto7: Hi! So glad to have you. And I just visited your blog, Plottinger Twist. Love it! You have a new follower!! :]

Paige: Thank you! My pleasure. I'm glad to do it!

Michelle: I'm sorry! The Google Friend Connect is the gadget listing all of the followers (mine is at the bottom of my blog). However, you can also follow by email or Bloglovin. If you'll go on and sign up for the giveaway, I think it'll still let you. Just go to the "follow my blog," put your name, and click 'enter' button. If nothing happens, let me know and I'll try something else. So sorry!

Libby: Thank you! Have you read it yet? I really enjoyed it and would recommend to all the young girls out there.

Christine: Woohoo! LOVE your enthusiasm! :D And yes, these gloves are adorable, if I do say so mahself. ;D BIG HERO 6. I totally agree about the epicness. CAN'T WAIT!!!

Heather: Many thanks! Yes, love this book. A must read for all young ladies (of any age!) :]

Anjali K said...

Eeep! great giveaway! Love love love those fingerless gloves! So cute!
And Big Hero 6 looks awesome! Can't wait to see it!
Thanks for the giveaway! :)

Aili said...

This is a wonederful giveaway! The colorful mittens are so cute.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Thank you, Anjali and Aili!!

Michelle Dyck said...

Oh, not a problem! I did the bloglovin thing at the bottom and it all worked fine. :)
Hmm, all three prizes look lovely, but if I had to pick one...perhaps the gloves? They're adorable.
About Big Hero 6, I'm not sure if I'll see it theaters, but I definitely will once it's out on DVD!
I think I'm making things overly complicated (sorry!) but for the poetry part of the contest, I wrote like two words and hit 'enter' without thinking (intending to start a new paragraph, which, duh, doesn't work there)... So it counted that as an entry. >.< Really sorry! I can email you something to qualify for that part, if you want...

Risa said...

Congratulations on a fabulous giveaway, Sarah! (^-^)b You've had so many entries already!! I love all of the creative ways you devised for us to enter. What fun!!

I most certainly am planning to see Big Hero 6 in theaters! One of my sisters and I will be seeing it as soon at it releases. ;D

All three of the prizes are positively lovely!... but as I already own a paperback copy of Stepping Heavenward... and I rarely remember wear gloves, I believe I would most love to win Julia's painting, "To the Heights".

Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway, Sarah, and sharing these three beautiful prizes with us!!

Nightingale said...

Are we meant to comment with our few lines of poetry? That's a wee bit (read: massively) embarrassing for those of us (read: me) with meager skill. #^_^;# But I'll do it for you, love.


hopelessness and dark surround me
crushing waves that seek to drown me
light is floundering
I can tread these deeps no more

in the darkness can you hear Me?
in these waters I would heal thee
hope is sounding
rest My child, fight no more

feel His mercy-Spirit within me
let His waters overwhelm me
darkness foundering
cease my striving, fear no more

springs of water well within me
grace around me, in me, through me
grace resounding
streams of life forevermore


Anyway, that's just a little something I wrote inspired by your giveaway prompt.
Thanks for encouraging us to praise God's grace! It is so good to remember His goodness and honor Him for it with our words. And thank-you for praising Him yourself with your lovely poetry! It is always a blessing to read the beautiful poems you share with us on your blog. ^-^

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Michelle: Woohoo! Oh, good. :] I'm so relieved, 'cause I wasn't sure what I could do on my end! HOORAH! For Big Hero 6! And as to your poem, no problem! I think that's my fault, I should have specified a particular spot to post the poems... But anyway, I'd be delighted to read it!! If you'll send me an email to plainandaverage.sarah@gmail.com. Thank you, dearie!

Risa [Nightingale]: Yee-haw! and another HOORAH for BH6!! ;D So glad you've entered! This has been so much fun (and stressful, but FUN) to put together. I can't wait to announce the winners!!! Oh my stars, girl, your poem is GORGEOUS!! I'ma gonna hafta write it out and put it somewhere (if you don't mind?) :] Love it! Actually, I love all the poems I've received, I may just have to do a separate post after the giveaway and put 'em up on dis here blog... Yep. (with permissions, of course.) Love ya, girl!

Many thanks for all who've commented and entered! This is fantastic! I'm so excited xD

Michelle Dyck said...

@Sarah Elizabeth: Glad it all worked out! :) Sure, I'll email it to you...once I write it. :P (I was going to come up with something on the spot when I entered.) But I'll be sure to get it to you sooner rather than later! ^.^

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Woohoo! Can't wait ^__^