Merry Christmas!

Happy Christmas to you and yours!

Praying this year brings much joy as you remember the real reason for this season.  It is now that we celebrate the birth of our Lord, and that He came for us.  It's not about the gifts we will receive!  It's about the Ultimate Gift that was given to us--the Hope of all mankind.  May we never forget.

God help us. Strengthen our faith, O Lord!

Merry Christmas!

Much love to you all! 

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What This Year Has Taught Me

Wow! I can hardly believe this year is at an end.  Today marks the 21st day of December and that means we only have about four more days till Christmas!  What??  Where has the time gone?

While this year of 2015 has been good to say the least, it has also been one of the most trying that I have ever experienced in all of my three and twenty years.  

Way back in MARCH, I began dating my now best-friend-turned-fiancé. :] I also experienced my first ever car accident.

Sometime in APRIL my grandfather was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  And I experienced another car accident.

In JUNE, my family lost a most beloved uncle, father, friend.

In JULY, I turned 23 years old.  And on the last day of this month, I took a trip to the beach at the Outer Banks with Evan's family--a place I hadn't been to in over a decade--which spilled over into AUGUST.  Preparations for my church's spiritual warfare drama began. Then it was an annual, family camping trip to Indian Boundary that last week of August.

In SEPTEMBER, I stayed the night at Gee Creek with my siblings and Evan, and slept in my hammock--outside, all night long--for the first time!  My sisters and I helped to cater a wedding one Saturday.  A memorial concert was held at my aunt's church for my uncle (her husband).

OCTOBER was the month of the drama!  And the time of my sisters' 200th Grand Autumn Festival Tournament, a fun Fall festival Quest that they put on for our little cousins.  Lovely weather for picnics and walks with my dear Evan, one evening in which he proposed!!

Cousin Aang

Cousins Ice Princess & Zuko

the Pumpkin Sweep

Through the Web

the trophies and past (fictional) winners

The BluffView Spring Dragons team

NOVEMBER was wonderful for more picnics and a hilarious trip to the movies to see Hotel Transylvania 2, of all things.  xD  Hahaha! One of the goofiest movies ever, but I loved just going to see it with Evan.  My sister Jen and I helped to cater a two-day Tax Seminar.  Something else to add to our resumes!  And I realized that I had been working at LifeWay for one year!

In DECEMBER, my grandparents paid our way to see the Dixie Stampede with a whole group of other family members: great-aunt and -uncle, cousins, and Evan. :] (Who's already a part of the family anyway.)  Star Wars: the Force Awakens came to theaters! and we went to see it this past Saturday--it was AWESOME.  My grandfather's last chemo treatment was this past Thursday, and so far, he's cancer-free!  Thank you for your prayers! 

And now we're only four days from Christmas!

All in all, it has been a good year.  My God is faithful, and He has proved so time and again.  He has blessed me with more than I can say, and knows just what I need.  He will never cease to amaze me!  And though I may question His motives and my faith may waver, I know He is in control and that He'll never leave me to walk this life alone.  I am learning patience and trust and selflessness.

As to Evan and I, the date is set!  And we are counting down the days!! It's now less than ten months away!  And while it seems so far from now, I'm pretty sure it'll fly by and the day will be here in a blink.  It just doesn't feel like it. . .  Heheh.  Right now, we are praying for God's provision.  Specifically, job opportunities, as they are pretty scarce in our hometown.  If you've a spare minute, please say a prayer for us as we wait and listen for God's will.  Thank you so much for remembering us in this journey!

Merry Christmas!
to you and yours!

May this Christmas be filled with the blessings of family and friends.  And may you remember the Promise our God gave to us in Christ Jesus.

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A + A Friday!

Heheheh.  This has been in the drafts for a few weeks.  Or so.  -_-


  • When you unintentionally call a hoodie hood and "lid."  O_o
  • Attempting to say "no" whilst nodding, and "yes" whilst shaking your head. Just because.  Go on, try it.  xD
  • Using the trunk space of your Nissan Xterra to change from your work clothes to shopping clothes. . .  All the while wondering if someone's gonna see you. . .
  • When the heat & air guys come to your house to change your unit and you must ask one of them to move his truck so's you can get your car out of the garage.  They are very friendly, and you say, "Thank you, sir," to which he immediately replies, "Don't call me 'sir,' call me Spam." Because, evidently his name was Spam. . .
  • When a sister changes your phone's lock screen.

  • Working the registers at LifeWay and this older gentleman comes up and--jokingly--asks if you all sell any Star Wars Bibles.  O_O You promptly laugh.  Then wonder if he's actually serious.
  • I find Velveeta cheese intriguing.  It's cheese, and yet, not really cheese.
  • When going into a public restroom and the older woman behind you reminds you that your phone is in your back pocket. . . And proceeds to inform you of how her lady manager dropped hers in the toilet.  O_o  "Um, thank you, ma'am.  I'll be careful."

  • When your awesome fiancé brings you a Hardee's biscuit for an EARLY morning breakfast, just so he could see you before you head to an EARLY morning meeting. 
  • When a nice customer lady brags on you to a co-worker and says that you do good customer service.  Wow! Makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. ^ - ^
  • Meeting up with friends you haven't seen in a little while.
  • When your baby sisters turn 22 years old!!! AH!! :D
Just one of the drawings I've done.  :]  Instagram
  • Enjoying a lovely evening and a fancy, homemade dinner with your fiancé.
  • When you get two days off straight from work.
  • Only TEN MORE MONTHS till the Wedding Day!!

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Book Review | The Rhyme Bible Storybook for Little Ones

The Rhyme Bible
Storybook for Little Ones (formerly titled "for Toddlers")
L.J. Stattgast, with illustrations by Laurence Cleyet-Merle

Publisher:  ZonderKids
Genre:  Children's, Christian, Religious, Poetry
Released:  October 6th, 2015

The fun-time, anytime, read-aloud Bible rhyme!

Boys and girls love the soothing sounds of rhyme. Now toddlers have a rhyming Bible created just for them! From the story of creation to the resurrection of Jesus, this is the perfect choice for parents who want to introduce their toddlers to the Word of God. Joyful pictures and classic stories told in vivid verse make this a sure favorite that will entertain your young ones and teach them biblical lessons that last a lifetime.

What ho?  A children's book??  Why, as a matter of fact, yes!  And a board book, to boot! :D  I decided to expand my boundaries a wee bit, and being as I love rhymes and poetry, I thought, why not?  

Only forty pages long, this review will be rather brief.  Hahaha! You're probably sighing in relief: "Yes! A change for once!"  Oh please, give me a break!  My reviews are thorough for your sake, dear readers.  :]

Moving on. . .  This little book is rather cute and so very easy to read.  Perfect for little ones!  Each mini story begins with a title and the biblical passage where it is found.  For example, the creation story starts with "God Made Everything" and is referenced to Genesis 1 & 2.  These are followed by cute little rhymes and illustrations giving a brief summary of each particular Bible story.  I believe it to be a great way to introduce the littles to God's stories through rhyme.  

The only "issue" I had is simply a personal preference in that a small section of the rhymes were not consistent in rhyming styles.  But again, that's my personal opinion.  It would amount to nothing in the eyes of a little one.  I would still recommend!

Recommended ages: up to age 4
My rating:

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