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Hullo, friend, & welcome! In this teeny space of mine you'll find books, reviews about books, fandoms from books, stories I wish to make into books, and other non-bookish things about me & my life as a wife, mama, & homemaker. I wish to live for the glory of my King; I want to be known as an Encourager; & it's my desire to someday publish a book or two. So if you like, pull up a chair, grab your favorite beverage, & sit a while.

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Hey, Y'all!

Notice anything different?
Anything at all?
No, the background color hasn't changed.  It's still white.  
Haha!  Yes!  I've finally updated my blogger template.  Been thinking about doing so for quite some time, and while I prefer sending off my ideas and requests to fellow bloggers wi…

Sweet Dreams

Well, I hope you are not too disappointed.  You should know by now that blogging isn't exactly top priority around here.  I enjoy it immensely, but other things come first and life and books like to butt in.  :]
So this little note is to say that my A + A post for today is still in the drafts.…

What's in a Name?

For this post, I'm attempting to fulfill a particular challenge presented to me by a particular friend. :] I shall do my best!  Here are the set of instructions, so to speak:

Right now I'm in need of names to represent a mixed demographic of Americans. I'm going to have a really big gro…

A + A Friday!

Stopping to let a skunk cross the road while mumbling and clutching the steering wheel: "Goyourwaygoyourwaypleasedon'tspraypleasedon'tspray!" Twice.  That happened twice.Finding a pair of boots online and discovering a brand new color! "Bungee Cord." Which oddly …

What's in a Name?

Hulloa, friends!  I've got a rather mismatched set of Names for you today.


Gender:  Masculine
Usage:  Greek Mythology (Latinized)
Pronunciation:  lee-AN-der (English)

Meaning & History
From the Greek Leandros which means "lion of a man," taken from the Greek elements le…

Sunday Book Review | Two Renegade Realms

Two Renegade Realms
The Realm Walkers #2
Donita K. Paul

Publisher: Zondervan
Genre:  Christian, YA, Fiction, Fantasy
Released:  2015

{back cover}
Three years have passed since the attack by the corrupt Realm Walkers Guild--years Cantor, Bixby, and Dukmee have spent searching for secrets that could save…

A + A Friday! is Back!!


Sitting at a concert, during intermission, and looking in the opposite direction when all of a sudden your sister (who's sitting at your right) shoves your mother's purse into your lap, but you think it's some kind of wild animal.This GIF:
Removing your earrings before hopping in…

What's in a Name?

Hullo, again!

Just wanted to let you know, while my blogging schedule is back to normal, per ce, my sisters and I are working inventory all week. . . So, you'll please forgive me if I miss a normal posting.

By the way, how's your first full week of 2015 going?  Excited?  Anxious?  Fearful? …

Sunday Halloo & Poem

Welcome back, dearies!  Happy Sunday!  I do hope your weekend was lovely.  We had quite a bit of rain, but I'm not complaining, though it would have been nice if the forecast had just a wee bit o' snow. . .

Anywho, I wished to share with you my latest poem, composed late one night this pas…

Welcome, 2015!

Happy New Year! Here's to a fresh new year, dearies! I can't wait to see what 2015 has in store. 
May love and laughter light your days, and warm your heart and home. May good and faithful friends be yours, wherever you may roam. May peace and plenty bless your world, with joy that long endures. Ma…

ppl love these

February Snippets!
Here are some Snippets from last month.  These hail from my WIP Safia and another project I'm …
Psalm 34:18
The LORD is near the brokenhearted;  He saves those crushed in spirit.  ( Psalm 34:18) > > >…
In the Midst of Despair [A Prayer]
Have you ever had one of those down days?  Where you feel like everyone and everything is against …
What's in a Name? || Surnames Edition
Good evening, y'all. It's the third week of AUGUST. O_o I'm picking up on my Name post ra…