A + A Saturday!

Heheh.  I had this post nearly complete--No, really! Yesterday, I had it. . . almost. . . ready. . . *dejected sigh*  Ah well.  :]

  • When a friendly, elderly gentlemen speaks to you in Walmart and says, "You look like you wanna shake my hand.  Come here and shake my hand." With a smile, you walk to him and shake, just as he makes the "Bzzz!" sound and presses a Werner's Original caramel candy into your palm.  :]  Kind of awkward, but he was a genuinely kind, old man, who went about his business saying, "I'm so blessed!"
  • When this is totally true (for you):  

  • Checking out at the register of a thrift store and the lady asks to see your ID.  She then sees you have a birthday coming up and jokingly says, "Oo.  You're a Leo.  My sister's a Leo, and she's crazy," then adds with a smile, "Are you crazy?"  You shake your head, "Uh. . . no.  Heheh." Smile politely and finish up the purchase.  O_o
  • Demonstrating your outstanding juggling skills to some friends, and one notices that you widen your eyes while concentrating.  XD
  • Craving a hot chocolate in the middle of July.  O_O
  • Pulling up to the house at night, seeing a cat illumined by the headlights, un-moving with its back to you, obviously doing its business.  It was just strange to drive up to park and then BAM, there's a cat in the spotlight, erm. . . busy. 
  • When people are singing the "Happy Birthday" song to you.  It's always awkward, 'cause you don't know what to do.  Stare at them with goofy grin? or avoid their eyes and look anywhere/everywhere?
  • Being excited in finishing a couple drawings, then proudly showing them to a friend, which then seems like you are fishing for compliments. . . (that they readily give). . . But you know you're not, you're just proud to display an original piece of your artwork. 

(you may or may not notice a kind of birthday theme)
  • Turning 22 last Wednesday!  (AH! Kinda scary, but awesome too)
  • Ordering a NEW computer with my b-day money!!  (shipped yesterday, but should arrive within the next two weeks. Can't wait!)

  • Receiving sweet texts and cards from friends and family.
  • When your little brother comes home one day with his first, much-anticipated, Ford truck.  Bright red, guys.  Bright red! :D
  • Finding a FREE BOOKS app for your Kindle Fire.  And downloading a couple from it (haven't read them yet, but they seem interesting).
  •  Random story ideas.  :]

Thanks for stopping by!

Fairfarren, for now.

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A + A Friday!

Heheh. . . No A + A this week.

Sorry, guys.

And I'll spare you from the excuses.  :]

Here's a random bit o' fun to make up for your time:

Haha!  I did say random.

Have a great weekend!


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A + A Saturday!

Once again, it is Saturday.  But I knew for sure I wasn't going to be able to post this yesterday.  It was a full day for sure, but wonderful all the same.  :]  Isn't God good?  Especially when we are stressed out?

So, as a result, this is lazily put together.  Still, hope you enjoy!

  • Seeing those saggy-britches boys waddling along like penguins through town.
  • Sleeping in the bottom bunk bed--you are nearly asleep until your sister moves above you making a ginormous creaking sound and you startle awake:  THE SKY IS FALLING!!! ABANDON SHIP!!!
  • When you are driving up a cousin's rough, gravel driveway at night and you see their dog running alongside your car--then you hit a HUGE bump and your sister screams, "Did you hit it??" and you reassure her after your burst of laughter, that no, you did not run over the dog.
  • This isn't so much awkward as it is HILARIOUS! I have to share this GIF:

  • Getting bit by a kitten while you are trying to save its life (poor thing got its leg stuck in a stool), then coming close to passing out. . . O_o (Unfortunately, this is not the first time. . . But embarrassing all the same, because your mother has to tell EVERYONE the story at least once.)
  • Gah.  Running out of awkwards. . . Again.  *crickets*

  • When someone says your chocolate chip cookies are "almost too perfect."  *beams*
  • Reaping 35 dozen ears of corn in ONE morning.  (My grandmother and mother froze a good bit of it, then we sold and gave some more away.)
  • English Breakfast tea.
  • Wyler's [Authentic] Italian Ices--perfect for a hot Summer day.  :]  Love me some kiwi-watermelon. 
  • Making blueberry pancakes with fresh blueberries.  *yum*  And receiving over a gallon of them from friends.
  • When an older family friend comments on seeing your drawings on Instagram. 
  • This original quote from moi:  "One defeat is not worthy of surrender.  At times, failure is necessary to gain strength.  Without defeat, we are weak.  We would learn nothing from the mistakes needed in order to go on."  :]  Isn't it brilliant?  I know, I know.  I'm bragging. . . (Jaron says this is my short story "All in a Day's Work.")

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The Sunshine Award!

Thank you, dear Bethan, of Think. Read. Write. Dream. for awarding me. . .


- Thank the person who nominated you.
- Answer the questions from the person who nominated you.
- Nominate a few other bloggers.
- Write the same amount of questions for the bloggers you nominated.
- Notify the bloggers on their blog.
- Put the award button on your blog.

1. When is your birthday (you don't have to say the year)?
          July 23rd of the year nineteen hundred and ninety-two.  :]
2. Why did you start blogging?
          Well, I suppose it was when my mother started her blog.  She allowed me to post on it and that sparked the idea to share one with my sisters, which we christened Maidens of Virtue.  And later, Plain & Average was created as my personal site.
3. What is on the top of your To Be Read pile?
          Haha! I love that this question says "pile." Although mine could probably be more accurately described as a skyscraper. . . Anyways, it would have to be Scarlet, second addition to The Lunar Chronicles and sequel to Cinder, one I just finished less than two days ago and really enjoyed.  It is a fantastic, futuristic retelling of the classic fairytale (can you guess which one?) and I was pleasantly impressed.  Come on, a cyborg Cinderella?  What is more intriguing than that? 
4. How are you today? :)
          I am feeling marvelous!  Thanks for asking.  ;D  I have bread rising in the oven, a lasagna to help my mother put together, and a friends and family coming over for a study in Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace.  Also, a potential writing challenge is on my list for the next week, and hopefully I can sit and finally get serious of adding more to my stories (yes, plural).  And God is good.  :}
5. If you could be room-mates with one fictional character, who would it be and why?
          Oh my.  I've never actually thought about this before.  Lemme think. . . Maybe Echo Sackett from Louis L'Amour's Ride the River.  Simply because she's my kind o' gal and I believe I could learn a lot from her.  :]  Plus, I love westerns and the era of the Old West.
6. If you could be one fictional character, who would it be and why?
          Another hard one??  Hmm.  I keep thinking and one person appears at the front of my mind: Rapunzel from Tangled!  She is smart, quirky, and a princess.  Not to mention, she's got Eugene. . .  :D
7. If you could push one fictional character off a cliff, who would it be and why?
          GAH!  The Joker from the second Batman film, The Dark Knight.  First of all, he is beyond insane.  I cannot think of a word to describe him!  Crazy and heartless doesn't cut it.  Second, I watched that movie ONE time and was horribly scarred and deathly afraid of pencils.  (If you haven't seen it, please do not ask why and DO NOT watch it.  If you have, I pity you.)
          Although, seriously, that is not what Jesus would do.  So, I would simply root for Batman to put him out of his misery (if ya know what I mean). . .
8. What is your favorite book genre e.g classic, fantasy, sci-fi?
          Oh dearie, dearie.  Bethan! Why such difficult questions??  :D  I'll have to say Medieval/Fantasy--not so much the Sci-Fi Fantasy, though.  But I do love the classics, like Jane Austen's novels, Jules Verne, Elizabeth Gaskell, etc. 
9. Dogs or cats?
          Cats, first.  Because I've grown up with them all my life.  But if I ever get a dog, I want him to be an Irish Wolfhound and name him Fitz.  :3
10. Would you rather read or write?
          Oo.  Read, I guess.  Simply because I starting seriously writing at the age of 18, having read long before that.  There's just something about getting lost in words and pages (and I'm not talking about the digital "pages" of a Kindle or tablet reader). 


My nominees: 

Lauriloth of Musings of an Elf
Ashlin of My Hiding Place
Jillian of Covers and Ink
Jameson of Lovely Whatsoevers

Congrats, ladies!  Have fun with this!

Here are my questions for you (I've recycled some of Bethan's):

1.  What color are your eyes?  What would your dream color be (if any)?
2.  How tall are you?
3.  If you could be ONE fictional character, who would it be and why? (this applies to books and films)
4.  Would you prefer a walk in the sunshine? or a stroll by the light of the moon?
5.  What would your dream profession be?  (For example, if my life had taken a different path, I would have wished to become a professional ballerina.) :]
6.  What is at the top of your To-Be-Read pile, or skyscraper?
7.  If you had a "pet" dragon, what color would he/she be? and what would his/her name be?  Feel free to be creative. 
8.  If you were to discover that you were the long-lost princess of a distant realm, what would be your first reaction?
9.  What is your favorite book of the Bible? Favorite verse?
10.  Do you have a dream car?  If so, what is it?


Thank you again, Bethan!  

This has been fun and I am anxious to see how my nominees answer these questions.  :]  So have fun, my friends!


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A + A Friday!


  • When a friend tells you a corny joke that they believe is "your kind of humor" (it was) and you realize they had thought of you upon hearing it. . .  It was one about tickling an octopus and this one: "How do you make a tissue dance?"  (You put a boogie in it.)  HAHA! Needless to say, I loved it. 
  • Realizing that you have nearly 7,000 pins on Pinterest. . . O_o  Wha--? How did-- They multiplied!
  • Riding a horse that has the ROUGHEST gait possible and feeling like a milk-shake when you dismount, then catching your boot in the stirrup and hopping around like a jester making monkey noises while your sister stares at you.
  • Talking with your mother about your non-existent love-life.  Yes, random AND awkward.  (Thanks for being there, Ma!)
  • Reading about a character who mixes Yoohoo's with Cherry soda (Monday Night Jihad).  X_X
  • Finding so many relatable posts that are so. . . relatable.

  • House-sitting for aunt and uncle while they are away--for a whole month! And acting like the house is ALL yours.  :]
  • Cooking breakfast for siblings and grandparents.  (Mmm.  Scrambled eggs with chopped ham and cheese biscuits on the side.)
  • HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2 (Seriously, my number 1 favorite film right now.)  :]  -->
  • Sitting outside enjoying the beautiful Summer sun and a cool breeze, eyes closed and listening to creation.
  • Driving down a country road in your nice, clean car.  An older man is mowing along the roadside and stops the mower's blades so you can pass by.  :]
  • ". . .there're two kinds of people in this world.  One kind looks at the circumstances and let's them define God.  The other kind looks at God and lets Him define the circumstances.  What do you know to be true about God?"  --Monday Night Jihad, Jason Elam and Steve Yohn
  • Writing a spur-o'-th'-moment sea shanty:
Sing ye o' the morning, sailor;
Greet the dawn o' day!
Bellow t' th' heavens, sailor;
Oo-ray, oo-ray, OO-RAY!

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What's in a Name?

Enjoy these names.  :]

Gender:  Masculine
Usage:  English
Pronunciation:  MAY-son

Meaning & History
Taken from an English surname meaning "stoneworker," which is derived from an Old French word of Germanic origin (similar to Old English macian "to make").

Gender:  Feminine
Usage:  Indian
Pronunciation:  (possibly) vee-NAH, or vay-NAH

Meaning & History
Derived from Sanskrit, meaning "yearning."

Gender:  Masculine
Usage:  Biblical, Hebrew
Pronunciation:  (English) ba-ROOK, BER-ook, BAR-ook, BAHR-ook

Meaning & History
Means "blessed" in Hebrew.  In the Old Testament, this was the name of a companion of the prophet Jeremiah.  A famous bearer was Baruch Spinoza, a Dutch-Jewish rationalist philosopher.

Gender:  Feminine
Usage:  Welsh
Pronunciation:  GWINN

Meaning & History
Means "white, fair, blessed" in Welsh.

Names and meanings via behindthename.com.
Photos via Pinterest.

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