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Welcome, friend! Relax & rest awhile, if you please. I'm an ordinary girl, a follower of Christ, mama to Gabriel, & wife to Evan. Here in this little space of the online world, I share all manner of bookish things, including full content reviews, writerly snippets, encouragement for everyday life, and a whole collection of names & their meanings.

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Darrow >> March Promptlies #2

Happy day!
It's Week 2 of my March Promptlies Link-up!
Click HERE for the info.  :]

> > > > > < < < < <

I have my story ready ahead of time again!! *flails*  What IS this?? #onarollyall

Read on, if you wish to see my result of this week's writing prompt!

> > THE PROMPT < <

For this prompt, I'm using some more of my concept characters that I dreamed up years ago.  It was such fun playing with these two!  This story has more of a Dystopian feel to it (hence, my inspired Name post this past Monday).  I'd love to know what you think!

> > MY STORY < <

          “How. Much. Further could we possibly go?”
          Darrow held back his grin. His brother was not one for the outdoors. Unless the Battle-Hawk’s cockpit counted. But even then he would simply wait onboard while Darrow made the runs.
Darrow | source
          Still, Darrow couldn’t deny his brother’s skill when it came to any sort of aircraft.
          And that was why they were making this trek.
          “Not much,” he replied, a hint too cheerfully for Warrick.
          This brought an exasperated sigh, “That’s what you said AGES ago.”
          They crested the top of a bluff and Warrick bent over, panting. He sank to his knees.
          “This is my life now. I have climbed this hill and now I shall die upon it.”
          “Shut up. We’ve only been hiking for twenty minutes.”
          Rolling his eyes, he flicked his brother’s ear. “Chin up, Wick. I guarantee you’ll say it was worth it.”
          Warrick scoffed. “What could possibly be worth such suffering in this wilderness? You’ve explored the ruins of every known city within reasonable distance and what have we to show for it today? Bruises and blasted bug bites.”
          Holding his hands up in surrender, Darrow walked on. “Hey. You wouldn’t bruise so easily were you to put one foot in front of the other and watch to where you placed them.”
          He heard another scoff and some mutterings, though they weren’t entirely intelligible. He managed to catch “unbelievable… stupid rock...” and “if tree roots—mind their own business...” before he caught sight of his landmark.
          The tiny color of his tracer light blinked a series of flashes, signaling left. He tapped the small screen on his forearm band deactivating it, then plucked it from the tree’s trunk.  Slapping his brother’s arm, he turned in that direction. “Not much further,” he said cheerfully.
          Warrick groaned, “Come onnnnnn...” But Darrow heard him follow.
          They navigated the woodland trail, overgrown with brush and occasional debris of what might once have been a city, now long forgotten.
          “Why couldn’t we take the hoverboards?” came the expected complaint.
Darrow sighed, “Because. The trail is almost non-existent. If we used the hovers, we’d be tossed countless times. You’d have more bruises than the solitary one you’ve got now. And besides, exercise is good for such atrophied muscles as yours.”
          “Pffft. You’re just jealous of these babies,” Warrick retorted. Darrow didn’t have to turn around to see his brother flexing lean arms. Thanks to their da, he knew full well it was he who held the bulk of genetic muscles. They may be in their twenties now, but Warrick had a ways to go in order to match his weight and broad build.
          At last, Darrow dragged the clumsy Warrick to a stop and pointed into a thick area of brush directly before them with nothing but a satisfied “There” leaving his mouth. Oh how he enjoyed the element of surprise.
          His bro, however, wasn’t as thrilled as he should be.
          “Oh. Wow. How incredible. Darrow found a new bit of brush in the whole blasted forest.”
          Darrow held back the chuckle wishing to escape. “Stars, bro. Do I really have to say, ‘look closer’?”
          With a glare and a harrumph, Warrick redirected his dagger-eyes towards the brush. Crossing his arms, Darrow waited for the resulting triumph to appear, exalting him as the best older brother in all the Nations—though Warrick would never admit it.
          It was gradual, but Warrick’s face began to change. First, it was studious, then surprised, and finally pure excitement.
          “Darrow. That’s—”
          “I know.” Pride at his discovery matched the rising exhilaration of Warrick.
          “How did you ever see it in all of that?”
          “No idea.” He turned, taking in their surroundings. He realized as he did, his hand had strayed to rest on the old rifle he’d slung across his shoulders. You couldn’t be too careful out here. But, away from the palace and the city’s version of “life,” the tranquility of this place had called to him. Here, he was simply Darrow, with no rank or title pulling him in every direction. No demands in regards to his future. No burdens the size of entire countries. And no crumbling rebellion in need of a revolution—one he wanted to bring…
          Feeling Wick’s eyes on him, he shrugged, rallying his thoughts. “I stopped here for a breather and caught the sun glinting off the wing. I’ve never been this far west, and it was hidden so well, I daresay it would’ve stayed that way for another century or so.”
          Warrick pushed a green-laden limb to the side. “Damage?”
          “None that I can see. Which is extremely odd and altogether disturbing. But she seems to have simply been abandoned.”
          “Will she fly?”
          He grinned. “That’s why I allowed you to tag along.”
          His brother grunted, pulling more plant- and tree-growth aside. “More like forced against my will… gagged. Chained by invisible forces no one else knows you possess.”
          Darrow’s laugh left him in a burst. I wish. He lifted an eyebrow and repeated, “Gagged? You complained the entire way.”
American Osprey-Hybrid: MIA, 50+ years | source
          “Whatever.” Warrick waved a hand in dismissal, moving to get a better look around.
Darrow heard a gasp just as Warrick’s head popped up from behind the brush. “Could this be the aircraft the Americans claimed to have lost all those years ago?”
          That’s exactly what he’d thought. Shrugging, Darrow brushed aside some vines. “You tell me.”
          Warrick’s head disappeared again only to reappear. “Brooooo. It’s gotta be! This is an old version of the American Osprey-Hybrid! Ohmanohman, I need my tools—”
          “Whoa, slow down. I need you to determine if it’s even capable of repair. Only then will we head back for the necessary tools. If we’re careful, we’ll return in your Battle-Hawk—I just didn’t want to attract unwanted attention, this location isn’t that far from the Territories.”
          Warrick nodded, but Darrow knew he was itching to begin.
          He socked him one, earning a mocking glare. “Worth it?”
          “Oh yeah.”

> > > > > > > > > > < < < < < < < < < <

Hope you enjoyed that as much as I did.  :]
If you wanna join in, please do!  Click here for this week's prompt.  And if you missed last week's, you can find the links here!

Happy Wednesday, y'all! And happy writing!


  1. Whooooooa. This was so good! I love the worldbuilding hints and the mystery and SIBLINGS.

    1. Awwww, thanks so much! It's still very much a concept story, but I love giving teensy hints. And yes! siblings are the BESTEST. :D

  2. OOOOoooh my goodness. I need an entire SERIES with Warrick and Darrow. I AM ALREADY IN LOVE. The banter was PURE. GOLD. I love how Darrow was so confident and big brotherly, while Warrick was back there whining but THEN turning into a geeked out fanboy when he saw their discovery. ADORABLE. My FAVORITE part was: "He managed to catch “unbelievable… stupid rock...” and “if tree roots—mind their own business..." I laughed so hard.

    SARAAAH. In just a few words you made me fall completely and utterly in love with these guys. Like TOTALLY IN LOVE. This was so fun! <3333

    1. Ohhhh, you guys are SOOOOO very kind! I love seeing sibling relationships where they don't argue all the time and/or simply hate each other. And good, genuine humor is what I wanna go for! So happy to hear it made you laugh!

      Thank you, dear Lauri! So far, this prompt's result is my favorite. *^ - ^* <3 <3 <3


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