What's in a Name?

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day!  So in honor of this holiday of love, the following names have "love" in their meanings in some way or other.

M & F | Southern African, Shono

Means "love" in Shono.

F | Hebrew

Means "love" in Hebrew.

M | Welsh

Means "blessed love" from the Welsh elements caru "love" and gywn meaning "fair, white, blessed."

F | Japanese

From Japanese mana meaning "love, affection" combined with mi meaning "beautiful" or "sea, ocean."

Photos via Pinterest.
Names & Meanings via behindthename.com.


  1. I hope you had a wonderful first Valentine's as a married lady! ^_^

    I love the theme you chose for this. These are all so pretty! But CARWYN. I love that. o.o I need to write that one down. I don't know why, I just instantly fell in love with this name!

  2. I did! It was so lovely and I had a ton of pics for Instagram :D Hope you had a lovely Valentine's also!

    I know! I just love unique names, and that's definitely unique!


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