An Almost Post. . .

Haha! ha! haha ha ha. . . 

So.  Upon arriving home from work today, I had planned to do a post with an update and maybe a couple names, seeing as how I've missed yesterday's Name post--no excuses, no excuses.  I ain't even gonna TRY.  And as a result you end up with this--er, almost a post.

Just a couple things. . . First, I've decided to try to publish an A+A post every other Friday.  Hopefully that will help me out a bit.

And second, I just wanted to make mention of an upcoming drama production that my church is putting on this weekend.  Attendance is completely free, but you are required to make reservations, and can certainly do so online here, or by phone.

Performances are:
Saturday, Oct. 10th @ 7pm
Sunday, Oct. 11th @ 3pm & 7pm
Friday, Oct. 16th @ 7pm
Saturday, Oct. 17th @ 7pm
Sunday, Oct. 18th @ 3pm

Lucifer's Lies: Plenty of Time is a spiritual warfare drama that follows the lives of a one family as
My sister Jen's design for the cast/crew t-shirts. Aren't they fabulous?
they face different issues and trials that effect both them and others.  

It is our hope that those who attend this production will learn to discern the difference between the shouts of Lucifer's lies and the soft whispers of our King.  Life is far too short to ignore the Truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  


If interested, and if you are in the Athens, TN area, please make your reservations and come see it!!  If you cannot make it, for any reason, I would ask that you add this drama to your prayer list.  The cast and crew have worked so hard to make this ministry a reality and need the strength and courage to pull it off over the course of these two weekends.  Thank you! 

What are you up to this week, m'dears??

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