Coming Up. . .

Why, hello there, lovelies!  Long time no see?  Yeah, I know.  My fault entirely. :]
Well, I thought I'd pop in to give a brief update and a heads up as to what's coming.  I've got some post ideas in the works, a book review, and hopefully the little bit of normalcy I wish to keep up (A+As, Name posts, etc.). 
Regarding some topic ideas, I'm putting together a couple of posts in relation to these subjects:
- Baptism -
- Consequential Sin -

Heavy topics, I know, and some I've been discussing with a good friend--hence my decision to share them with you.  So, stay tuned for those!!
The upcoming book review: 

So, there's just a couple things I'm working on.  Hopefully, something you faithful readers can look forward to. . . I'm so thankful to you all for sticking with me!  I find great delight in reading your comments, keeping up with your blogs, and such.  
Also, your prayers are much appreciated.  I cannot thank you enough!  My grandfather is doing so well.  In a way, it is a miracle of God that he has the energy and strength he has, even being in the third week of radiation.  Other than adjusting to the diabetic diet and slight nausea (greatly helped by the anti-nausea pills--which he would probably swear by), he is doing marvelous well.  Again, thank you, my friends!
Alas, I must leave you now.  Fairfarren, all!  Happy Wednesday!
Bado go Eru,


  1. Ooh -- you have a new header! I like it. :D

  2. Thank you, Katie! It's still under construction and may possibly change just a bit... But thanks anyway! I sure love simplicity. :]

  3. I agree, the header is gorgeous!

    So, so glad to hear about your grandfather. I'll definitely continue praying for him.

    I can't wait for these future posts! They sound like great topics. Heavy topics are good things to discuss, nothing wrong with that!

    Hope you have a lovely day, sweet girl. ^_^


To each is given a bag of tools,
A shapeless mass, and a book of rules,
And each must make, ere life is flown,
A stumbling block or a stepping stone.