Poetry! (from the Giveaway entries)

Hello, peeps!  I've been thinking of this since my giveaway ended, and out of all the entries, four precious ladies added their own poetry.  I've requested and attained their permission to share them with you here.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I!



hopelessness and dark surround me
crushing waves that seek to drown me
light is floundering
I can tread these deeps no more

in the darkness can you hear Me?
in these waters I would heal thee
hope is sounding
rest My child, fight no more

feel His mercy-Spirit within me
let His waters overwhelm me
darkness foundering
cease my striving, fear no more

springs of water well within me
grace around me, in me, through me
grace resounding
streams of life forevermore 



No wrong that you could do
Would take away my love
I will always wait for you
To turn your heart above

Yes, you've gone astray my dear
You've sinned and smeared My name
But there is nothing for you to fear
You can come home again

I'm waiting at the door
Ready to open it wide
You can come home again
There is no need to run and hide

My arms are outstretched now
Ready for a fond embrace
There will be such a joyous time
When you come back into My grace


A tide of red
Mercy o’erwhelming
Raised from the dead
I’m lost in this ocean
My heart must govern my head
Because this doesn’t make sense
But I’ll go where You led
Down a road of grace
Oh, Your tide of red

This is grace

Every new day
Though I fail and I fall
And my edges are frayed
Still You love me the same
Because this is Your way
When You see me You see Your Son
Sometimes I don’t know how to pray
But You lead me on
In Your love I stay

This is grace

Your ocean tides
Are calling me
My stubborn pride
Crumbles beneath Your grace
I can’t earn, won’t even try
To win Your love
On the cross You cried
And every shadow died

Favor unearned
Your righteousness mine
All dross is burned
I’m a beggar turned queen
And the stone that was spurned
Is the rock beneath my feet
The world’s somehow turned
And all is set right in Your love
The prodigal’s returned

This is grace

We were once so close,
 But now we are far,
Our hearts were once warm but now they've been harmed,
What is it, Lord, what makes us so lone?

The sun is out,
The sky is blue,
But our friendship, dear Lord, may forever be doomed.

But after the rain always comes the bow,
I must pray and the Lord will once again bestow.

-Amy Kathleen-


Are they not beautiful?  :]  Thank you, ladies!

Fairfarren, for now, my friends.  Check back for an A+A post later today!

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  1. Wonderful job, ladies!
    And thanks so much for posting, Sarah! :D


To each is given a bag of tools,
A shapeless mass, and a book of rules,
And each must make, ere life is flown,
A stumbling block or a stepping stone.