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Welcome, friend! Relax & rest awhile, if you please. I'm an ordinary girl, a follower of Christ, mama to Gabriel, & wife to Evan. Here in this little space of the online world, I share all manner of bookish things, including full content reviews, writerly snippets, encouragement for everyday life, and a whole collection of names & their meanings.

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A + A Friday!

This post is a compilation of two weeks. . . Heheh.  :]


  • When two horses and a goat randomly run in view of the kitchen window.  O_o (They had been missing from a neighboring farm; don't worry, the owner found them!)
  • Locking eyes with a stranger in another car and holding their gaze as you drive by. . .
  • Starting to draw water to wash dishes, so you turn faucet on and squirt in the soap--then realize that the stopper isn't there.  *_*  You promptly begin again. . .
  • You've been working in glitter all day long, creating lovely little snow tiaras for a dance recital (that you aren't participating in, your dance instructor friend simply needed help).  Friends come over that evening to watch the awesome, bamboozling TV show SHIELD, and someone says you have glitter all over your face.  Heheh. . . What? It's kinda purty! And I like glitter. :]
  • When a pen you are expecting to have black ink turns out to be blue and you are so disappointed.
  • Laughing and/or sneezing, then groaning afterward because your abs are SOOOO sore from exercising that week.
  • This GIF below--'cause it woulda been me!! xD

  • BIG HERO 6.  In theaters.  It was AMAZING!  A must see!!
  • My sisters turned 21!  Ah!  Fun little party with family and friends. 
  • An abundance of blessings this year.  We've been given a new car (for Jenny and Julia), a new TV and Blu-ray player, Julia got the puppy of her dreams, and I was hired at LifeWay!  Yes, material things, but blessings nonetheless.
  • How to Train Your Dragon 2 came to DVD last week!! (I've now seen it maybe four times.)
  • Walking into your own room and your sister Julia is sitting on her bed reading a book.  You walk by her to put some clothes in the closet and she looks at you funny with a big smile while trying to hide the book she's reading.  Come to find out: it's actually one of your Christmas presents from her!! WUT??!? Haha! Too funny! And she had to read it before you. xD
  • The fact you are nearly done with your Christmas shopping!
  • This: 

 photo sarahsignature_zps5172c7cd.png


  1. LOL, yes, those awkward moments staring at other people driving by... Oh, and people forgetting to put the plug in the sink before filling it with dishes is one of my mild pet peeves! XD

    Big Hero 6! HTTYD2! Ahhh, I want to see both!

    Are your sisters twins?

    Great picture/quote of Captain America. He's my favorite Marvel hero, partly because he's one of the only ones with his head on straight. ;)

  2. Ah yes. ;D You haven't seen HtTYD2??!? EEP! Go grab it now! (it's on DVD and Redbox) :] And BH6 was AMAZING.

    Yes, my little sisters are twins, though you definitely wouldn't know it by appearances. :]

    CAPTAIN AMERICA. Ditto, on that, girl. He's my favorit-est. ^__^

  3. NO, I HAVEN'T YET! But I can't wait for my family to rent it (which should be happening soon). And as soon as BH6 comes to DVD, we'll more than likely watch that one too!

    Aw, that's so cool!

    ^__^ Exactly! I like the "old-fashioned" heroes best.


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To each is given a bag of tools,
A shapeless mass, and a book of rules,
And each must make, ere life is flown,
A stumbling block or a stepping stone.

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