A + A Friday!


  • Tickling your sister's leg with a ribbon ('cause you're bored); she doesn't laugh and you start to instead and she looks at you funny.
  •  Walking up to an automatic door and waiting for it to open. . . automatically.  But it doesn't.  So you and sister swerve quickly to the next set of doors and hope no one noticed.
  • Going to Walmart THREE different times in ONE afternoon.  *screams while pulling hair*
  • Eating at McDonald's at 10:30pm--late evening.  It's a whole new world at night.  O_o
  • Trying to fall asleep while one of your sisters is hiccuping.
  • Eating marshmallows for your sore throat.  Not sure if it helps much, but sure is tasty.  ;D (in the Awk section, 'cause every time I eat one, someone asks what I'm doing. . .) 
  • Apparently, the ability to make oneself laugh is weird.

  • Ralph's Donuts. 'Nuff said.  xD  My aunt and family had gone to Cookeville and stopped at the donut shop to pick us up a dozen of the bestest treats anywhere.  So, when the donuts arrived, someone said, "Ralph's here."  And of course, I had to put in, "Oh yeah.  Wish he'd come by more often."  *bursts into mirthful laughter*
  • Feeling under the weather all day and having the house all to yourself that evening, listening to iTunes "The Andrew Sisters" radio and a soundtrack radio.
  •  Chamomile/mint tea.  :]
  • Writing TWO book reviews in one week!  PLENILUNE || THE PRINCESS SPY
  • Finishing a whole book in one day!  Haven't done that in AGES.
  • Driving the four-wheeler across the fields at top speed.  (I was trying to keep a cow from crossing a ditch and going the opposite way we wanted her to.  And I did.)
  • This acapella version of Nearer, My God to Thee, by BYU Vocal Point:

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  1. I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling under the weather lately. :( Hope your throat feels better soon. Work some marshmallow magic, lol!

    You've done some pretty awesome stuff though! Bovine racing, donut eating, book devouring - the stuff of legends. x)

    P.S. Going to the same store three times in one day? Yeah, been there! >P Actually, I think it was at a Wal-Mart too. O.o

  2. Why, thank you, dearie! I am feeling better now, just dealing with the embarrassing fact that I sound stopped up when I talk... (i.e. "I'b spiderbad.") xD


To each is given a bag of tools,
A shapeless mass, and a book of rules,
And each must make, ere life is flown,
A stumbling block or a stepping stone.