Awkward + Awesome! (A+A Fridays)

Hullo, dear readers!  I've decided to begin a new set of posts to be published every Friday as a kind of summary of my week.  Boring, maybe.  But. . .

The idea comes from Olivia, of Fresh Modesty, and her Awkward+Awesome posts.  Love them!  They always bring a smile, which I guess is the purpose of my version.


  • Dropping a heavy dinner plate on my left big toe, then crying, "My pizza!  Ow.  My toe!" (Because my yummy meal fell to the floor as the doomed plate broke into six different pieces.) Yes, I have a bruise, though it is not near as colorful as it SHOULD be.
  • Laughing so hard that I can't breathe, but when I do it sounds like I'm hyperventilating like a squealing piglet.  This is especially difficult when I'm trying to read a Bible chapter for our family devotions.
  • Standing near the restrooms in Panda Express holding two cold sodas, while waiting for a family member to come back.  People are milling about, so you just stand there awkwardly and keenly begin to observe the ceiling and walls. . .
  • Having a stuffy nose and avoiding speaking to people because I know I sound atrocious, but then feel I was rude and so resort to one syllable answers like "Mmm" and "Really?". . .
    "Hmmm. . . An onion bouquet?"
  • Playing on a five-string electric bass when I am used only to the basic four-string.  (The top string is a B, while I am familiar with an E.)
  • Talking aloud to the obviously deaf TV when a favorite show is on.  For instance, Agents of SHIELD, when the plot takes on yet another twist.
  • Your 7-year-old cousin picking wild onions like flowers on a walk.  Hm.  I suppose it's his version of a bouquet. . .
  • Being slightly addicted to a cute game called Jelly Splash.
  • Learning Elsa's "Let it Go" song in Norwegian.  Such a beautiful language, but the written words don't sound at all like they look.
  • Getting a brand new, just released book in the mail! (One Realm Beyond, Storming the Black Ice) Or getting anything in the mail! Especially if I've already forgotten what I ordered. . . When it comes it's a surprise!
  • Posting a few of my poems on a poetry site and receiving two sweet comments within the day!
  • Watched three episodes of Once Upon a Time, second season! (By myself on my Kindle Fire, because none of my family seemed to like it. . .at all. . .)
  • Penguin "goldfish" crackers!  So much better, in my opinion, than goldfish. :] And cuter, too!
  • Re-reading a book from one of my favorite authors.
  • Receiving a comment on my blog from that author!
  • Transplanting my amaryllis flower that has been hibernating all winter.  (Well, I guess the correct term would be "dormant.")

my loverly amaryllis

Hope you at least got a smile out of all that.  :]

Happy Friday!

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  1. I do the awkward ceiling stare all the time also.
    Whats REALLY bad is the awkward ordering pizza call:
    Pizza guy taking your order:"Okay, it will be ready in ten minutes" Me: "Okay...."
    Pizza guy: "Okay....bye"
    Mom: "Did you just say bye to the pizza guy?"
    Me: "....well, he told me bye!"
    Whats even more awkward is when you have to call back because pizza guy forgot to ask for your life is filled of awkward moments.

    Loved your post!

    We need to get together soon!!!

    Like REALLY soon!


  2. This is so fun! I love it! :D

    I'm sorry you dropped a plate on your toe. Eek. :-/ Losing pizza is tragedy enough without hurting yourself as well.

    Also, I LOOOOOVE Once Upon a Time! One of my most favorite shows!!!

  3. AHAHA! Oh, Morgan! That's hilarious! No, I can't say I've had of those conversations with a pizza guy... With other people, yes. But not a pizza guy. :D And then you had to call back?? *bursts into laughter once again then tries to apologize through hiccups*

    Lauri: Thank you! Your symphathy is very much appreciated. I'm so glad you understand the loss of pizza! As someone wisely counseled: "Pizza is the only love triangle I want." ;D

  4. Oh, I love "Once Upon a Time"! The first two seasons were on netflix and once I finished watching them, I bought the thrid season on itunes.

    I'm enjoyed this post.


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