A + A Friday!

  • Painting a door where you are sitting on the floor and your sister is beside you (with another sister above. Yeah, how many does it take to paint one door?).  She is painting the far left right in front of you, while you are painting the far right in front of her. . . Erm.  Easy solution to that, but it worked all the same.
  • Painting above another door using a cool little thingy called an Edger and dropping it--TWICE--and getting paint all over hands and sweatshirt.  Younger cousin asks if you want a paper towel, but you just say "Naw," and wipe excess paint onto old jeans.  She replies, "Oh."
  • Driving home when you spot a bull on the wrong side of the fence from the cows.  Call grandparents and help them try to put him back where he belongs, but turns out it was the wrong bull, who had escaped from the other side of the road to confront the other bull who was exactly where he was supposed to be.  So, you jump from the truck to latch the fence before he can get through, then run like Jack Sparrow to get back into the truck because the bull is looking right at you.
  • I think my pet moss is dying.  :[
  • Mixing up words.  For example, I asked Jen, "Hey, do you still have hair in your paint?" (And a couple weeks ago it was, "Wow.  Look how field that green is.")  I think I'm coming down with something. . . *le sigh* -_-
  • Finding a new site for free ringtones! Right now mine is set to this quirky tune about gummy bears.  Oh! and my text tone has chickens clucking, "Message! Message!"

  • Started a new cross-stitch project!  So excited as to how this one will turn out.  (Pics to come soon!)
    Heterochromia Iridum
  • Playing YouTube compilations of soundtracks and letting sisters guess what films the music is from.  This is tons of fun!
  • Getting Coca Cola coupons in the mail! (From MyCokeRewards)  :D
  • Received another new book! The Queen's Handmaid -- expect a review within the next week or two!
  • Meeting an actual person who has different color irises! (called Heterochromia) Long story short, the man was the guest speaker for our church's four-day revival.  A great set of evenings filled with music and messages from God's Word as spoken by a devoted man of God.
  • Sweet comments from older church members.  Makes me all warm and fuzzy!

Feel free to laugh.
You can laugh.
*whispers* Why aren't they laughing?

Ahem.  Hope you've had a great week!  Until next time.  ;D

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  1. Your "Why aren't they laughing?" at the end made me think of Olaf: "Why aren't you running?" So I got to laugh twice =].

  2. Enjoyed this and I was laughing!!

  3. Wonderful! Thanks for commenting, ladies!! :D

  4. Woah. This is so loaded, I have to go through it bullet point by bullet point.
    >> I've worked like that SO many times with my dad. Painting and drilling screws and using a nail gun... Definitely awkward but all the professionals do it. ;D
    > Running from a bull? EEEK! Thou art brave and stalwart indeed, fair maiden. Because it was the wrong bull??? I'm having a serious case of Anne of Green Gables deja vu. xD I wish I could have seen that!
    > Why have I never heard of this pet moss???
    > Maybe you need to use the sleep.
    > That ringtone wouldn't happen to be "I'm a yummy chummy funny lucky gummy bear"? 'cause that was Jo's *favorite* song a year ago.
    Anyway, hilarious post! Loved it. :) Good luck on the new cross-stitch project and I look forward to reading your next book review!
    (Rambling) Risa

  5. Haha! Thanks for commenting Risa!

    I have confession... I have never seen Anne of Green Gables. Never. *coughs* Is that bad?

    Yes. My pet moss don't look so good right now. :[ I may post a picture of the poor guy if somebody's interesting in his sad state.

    Yes! I do need to use the sleep!!!

    And right again! That's the exact Gummy Bear song! I don't like the cute little things, but the song is hilarious!

    Love your ramblings! ;D


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A shapeless mass, and a book of rules,
And each must make, ere life is flown,
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