What's in a Name? || Places Edition!

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M & F | English (modern, rare)

From the name for a city & port on the Mediterranean Sea north of Mount Carmel in northwestern Israel.  Hebrew: Akko; Old Testament: Accho; New Testament: Ptolemais.
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F | English (modern, rare)

From the European country of Italy.  Used as a given name more often in America.

M | English

From Danish Danmark, derived from the ethnic name Dane, which comes from the Germanic element den meaning "low ground," combined with mark meaning "borderland."  This is the name of a country in Europe.

F | English 

Derived from an Arabic name, which denotes Africa or northwest Africa.  Ultimately from Ancient Greek Λιβύη (Libúē).  This is the name of an African nation in the Maghreb.

Names & meanings via behindthename.com.
Photos via Pinterest.

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Finding these names based on different places is such fun!  Do you have one or two in mind to add to this list?  Let me know! And I'll feature them next month. :]

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  1. To be frankly honest, I'm not sure I would name my daughter Italy or son Denmark. But Libya is pretty....

    I could see Carolina, Penny (Pennsylvania), Virginia, Montana, Lincoln (Lincolnshire, or the cities), Bedford, Devon, and other such names being added to this list though.

    1. Same! But I think I would consider them great names for a character or two. I could see Italy as a dystopian character, I think. And Denmark is kinda neat... maybe a present day story?

      Oooh! These are great suggestions! Thanks, girl ;D

  2. Oh my goodness, I've never thought of Italy being used as a name, but it's SO CUTE. Libya too! And Acre is such a unique name idea. :O You come up with the best ones!

    1. D'awwww, thanks, Lauri! *^ _ ^* I kinda like Italy as well. And you could always tweak the spelling a little to modernize it (Itali, Italie, Italee) :] Yes, I think both of them are neat too! Acre, especially, imo :D


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