What's in a Name?

It's the start of a new week, y'all.  And we're in May!!
Does anyone have plans for after school lets out??
Camping? Beaches? Pool time?
What is your favorite part of Summer?

Needless to say, my Summer plans will consist of preparing for the arrival of Baby Gabe.  :]  Which, along that thread, we're thinking of doing a nautical/Narwhal theme for the baby shower and nursery!  I LOVE narwhals for some reason! xD  

Meanwhile, I have a set of rather random names for you this go-round.

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M | Dutch, Medieval English
HAHN (Dutch)

A short form of Johannes or Hannes, which is the Latin form of Ioannes where the given name John ("Yahweh is gracious") is rooted. 

F | English, Hungarian
imm-REE or IMM-ree

Possibly from the Hungarian name Imre, which is the Hungarian form of the Germanic name Emmerich, meaning something like "universal power."

M | English

From an English surname meaning "tiler of roofs."  

F | Hebrew

Hebrew form of Athaliah, which means"afflicted of Yahweh" in Hebrew.  It was borne by a wicked queen of Judah, daughter of Ahab and Jezebel.  [Not so nice meaning, but a beautiful name!]

Names & meanings via behindthename.com.
Photos via Pinterest.


  1. THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL! Keep up the awesome work! So excited for you!!

  2. Oooh, a nautical/narwhale theme sounds ADORABLE!

    My summer plans are pretty much the same as usual, though I would like to go on a road trip or two. :D

    From this batch of names, I really like Imrie! *adds it to list for potential future characters*

    1. Doesn't it? I've loved narwhals for as long as I can remember... (Actually, it's probably from way back in elementary school when the teacher read 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea to my class ^_^)

      Road trips are such fun!

      Yes, I'd probably have to say the same. It's very unique and simple (much like all the names I usually feature ;D) Thanks, girl!

  3. A nautical/narwhal themed baby room would be THE. CUTEST. You're totally gonna have to share pictures of the nursery when you're done! :D

    Oh my goodness. I am in LOOOOVE with Imrie. O_O It is so gorgeous! I have this weird obsession with names that start with vowels. They're just so pretty! OKAY. That may seriously be the name of a future character. I love it so much! You find the best names!

  4. YESSS! People have been asking and I just really didn't have any idea what I wanted to do until my sister mentioned "narwhals" -- then it just CLICKED. Perfect!! I will most certainly share photos!

    Haha! I don't think it's a weird obsession. Names beginning with vowels are BEAUTIFUL and a little uncommon. Yes yes yes, use 'em!! I'd love to see what kind of characters come from these sets of names. :D

  5. ooh, I love Atalia...in spite of it's horrible meaning....

    Wonderful post Sarah!

  6. Hello there! First time I've popped by, even though I have seen your posts appearing in my Bloglovin feed for a while - I must have randomly followed at some point! These 'what's in a name' posts are so nice! Love the photos too :D

    Btw GORGEOUS BLOG you have here <333

    1. Welcome! So glad to see you here. *^ - ^* And thanks! I LOVE names, so I might as well share the ones I stumble on, right? ;D

      Awww, thank you! I actually found this design on Etsy, of all places. Fell in love and voila! :]


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