What's in a Name?

NaNo is BASICALLY upon us.  Are you ready??  I'm getting there. . . I honestly don't think I'll ever feel ready.  But here's to having fun and enjoying the process.  :]

Need any last minute names for your NaNoWriMo novel??  If so, maybe these will help!

M | French

French form of Hercules, which is the Latin form of Herakles, meaning "glory of Hera" -- referring to the Greek goddess, wife of Zeus. 

NOTE:  This name is possibly most recognizable as the given name of Agatha Christie's protagonist and private detective, Hercule Poirot, who stars in many of her novels.  Having just finished reading Murder on the Orient Express myself, and for the upcoming film, I decided to share its meaning. 

F | English

Possibly originally a diminutive of Elizabeth, meaning "God is my oath," or "my God is abundance."  However, it is considered an elaborated form of Lily, derived from the Latin lilium, symbolizing purity.  This name has been in use in England since the 16th century.

M | English

From the Old English name Dederik, which originates from the Low German form of Theodoric, meaning "ruler of the people."

F | English, German
AV-ǝ-leen-ah, ave-ǝ-LEEN-ah

Possibly a diminutive of Avila, from elements ultimately meaning "desired."

Names & meanings via behindthename.com.
Photos via Pinterest.

Have a lovely week, y'all!  And luck to all who are taking part in NaNo!!

Fairfarren. :]


  1. Beautiful post, Sarah!! Love these names!!


  2. This is such a fun batch of names! I've never heard of Theodoric or Dederik before, but I really like them. I may have to use them one day!

    Best NaNo Wishes!

  3. Thank you, ladies!!

    Yes! I really like the name Dederik for some reason. If you use them, Jamie, let me know!!! :]


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