July Hiatus

Hello, all!
Yes, I realize I missed all of my posts last week.  And yes, I realize I didn't even post that third one I said I was going to. . . #ashamed

I'm not going to go into the spiel of how wild life is right now, but instead I'm dropping in to let my faithful friends know I'm stepping down from my minor blogging hobby for at least the month of July.  
I've been juggling work, baby prep, registry plans, family, Summer stuff, and all that jazz, and it's just too much at present.  As much as I LONG to post weekly, I simply can't make it work right now.  I'll be resigning from my job the second week of July, and then my parents-in-law and my hubby and I are leaving for a Northern road trip for a couple weeks after that.

Come August, I'm hoping to be back to a more relaxed schedule and my regular posts.  In the meantime, I may share some book reviews as they come, and I'll definitely try to catch up (and keep up) with all my favorite blogs---I'm SO BEHIND it ain't even funny.  x__x  

All that said, I'm still tentatively planning on Camp NaNo for July, though I have no idea WHAT I'm writing yet. . .  Needless to say, my goal will be EXTREMELY reasonable.  ;D
Anyone else joining up for Camp??
Do you have a cabin yet??  What's your project for July?  Do tell! I'd LOVE to know!!

I'm at 30 weeks, guys!! AHH!!! In just about two months, I'll be holding a little boy! I can hardly believe it.  *^ - ^*  I've done a horrid job of posting regular pics on Instagram and such. . . But while I'll be breaking from blogging, my social media will still be open.  Maybe I'll be brave and start posting more me-photos. . . *shy smile*

'Nuff said, y'all.
Farewell, for now! 
I shall return!!!
<3 <3 <3

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A shapeless mass, and a book of rules,
And each must make, ere life is flown,
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