A+A Friday!

  • Don't forget to grab the bananas out of your cooler.  Otherwise the bag of pretzels you also left in there might possibly taste like them. . . (the bananas, I mean.) O_o
  • Standing outside while locking up and you hear what sounds like a chicken clucking loudly. . . Turns out it was a woman laughing in a car with the windows down as they drove by!
  • When you burn a perfectly good batch of cookies. -_-
  • When you lock yourself out of your new home because you forgot your keys. . .
  • When you randomly tell your man about how you own a shower cap and you try it on and the first thing he says is, "You look like a GRANMA!!" Then burst out laughing. xD
  • Going on grocery run alone (when you and husband usually make it into a date) and later having to explain why the bill was so much higher: "It was a lot of bulk items, I promise! Toilet paper, potatoes, not one but TWO bags of chocolate chips, etc... I only purchased what was on the list! (Obviously can't be trusted to go alone...) ;D
  • Rolling up the window and catching your hair. [And yes, I said rolling up the window. Ha!]
  • When you make cookies (per request of your adoring husband) and he praises them saying they're amazing!
  • Helping to successfully vaccinate your grandparents' cattle. :]
  • Playing hostess (in your own home)!!! 
  • Trying new recipes, and LOVING them: black bean tacos & ham + cheese rollups. *yum!*
  • Attempting a new project and being pleased with the outcome. 
How was your week, m'dears? So sorry for mossing the last two A+As! I have good excuses, I promise! One was moving, of course.  Well, alas I must leave you. Check back soon!  Happy weekend!  Sarah

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To each is given a bag of tools,
A shapeless mass, and a book of rules,
And each must make, ere life is flown,
A stumbling block or a stepping stone.