A + A Friday!

It's Friday, y'all!  How was your week?
  • When a stranger comes to your door asking about renting the other side of the duplex--you fumble your words and point to the realtor's phone number on the sign in the front yard, apologize, and seem (and feel!) rather dumb and then they apologize and leave.  O_O  VERY awkward. . .
  • When your man is reading the day's daily devotion and you are momentarily distracted in thinking of wet belly buttons. . .  O_o  (DON'T ask me why! I dunno!)
  • Itching to try a new art/crafty project, but you're limbs don't obey and it's the starting that's hard:
  • When your sister is in the dressing room and she calls you and your mum in there to see her and you have to walk past the employee who is "guarding" the place, but you don't have anything to try on.  All is well, but she follows you in anyway and asks if you needed assistance--you politely respond "no, thanks."  (I always feel strange with things like that.  Is it just me??  You know, where you go into a place of business but you're not trying anything on or buying anything to drink, etc.  I almost feel like they would judge and then throw me out for taking up space! Haha! Silly, I know, but does anyone understand that feeling??)
  • Reading and someone asks:
  • Watching Stargate: SG1 episodes with your hubby while eating nachos, or as he brushes your hair, or while sipping the best EVER hot cocoa.  These memories I shall cherish.  :]
  • Trying new recipes and LOVING them!
    dark chocolate cookie bites - recipe to come soon!
  • Playing hostess - in your new home.  (Evan and I have said this multiple times--we want our home to be one of welcome and fellowship.)
  • We finally have a renter!!! All praise to our King! (and no, it's not the lady with whom I had quite the awkward conversation--if you could call it that. . .)
  • Buying things you need and can use for your house.  (I got excited over a RUG, people.)
  • Planning tea parties and girl's nights and game nights and movie nights.  :D
  • Doing planks and stretches with your husband right before bed.  It's fun!
  • Spring is nearing!!! (you say as the highs are in the upper 30s all week long. . .)
  • I would so do this is we ever got enough snow. . .
Happy St Patrick's Day! Are you wearing green?? ;D
Ciao, for now!

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To each is given a bag of tools,
A shapeless mass, and a book of rules,
And each must make, ere life is flown,
A stumbling block or a stepping stone.