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Welcome back, my friends!  Happy Monday!
How was your weekend?  Today is the start of a new week and [HOPEFULLY] Evan and my last week at our little country cabin. . . Which means [HOPEFULLY] we will be moving in to our brand new duplex at Overland!  I can hardly wait!  I've already begun moving some things into the cabinets. . . ^_^

So, what is on your agenda for the week?  My days will be packed, I'm sure, but I'd love to hear your goals and plans!  Writing anything exciting?? Going somewhere new?  Trying a new recipe or two?  

Seriously, I've really missed the blogging world and once my world starts to settle down into its new normal, I hope to hop back in.  With that said, what would you like to read here on Plain & Average?  I hope to keep up my thorough book reviews, along with the Name and A+A posts.  But I'd also like to add one more post every week, whether its about life, new lessons I've learned, writing--I dunno.  Got any ideas?  What do you enjoy reading about on your favorite blogs?

In the meantime, my week begins with laundry and a Name post.  :]


M | Scottish
yoo-EN, EE-wan (possibly)

Anglicized form of Eoghan (pro. "O-in" or "YO-in"), which possibly means "born from the yew tree" in Irish, though it could be derived from Eugene meaning "well born." 

F | Czech, Serbian, Croatian
STAH-nah, sta-NAH (possibly)

Short form of Stanislava, and other Slav names beginning with stani, meaning "stand, become."

For fans of the TV show Castle (2009-2016), this is the given name of the Canadian-American actress who portrays homicide detective Kate Beckett. 

M | English, Lithuanian, Romanian, Biblical, Biblical Latin
dǝ-RIE-ǝs , DER-ee-ǝs, DAR-ee-ǝs (English)

Roman form of Dareios, which was the Greek form of the Persian name Dārayavahush, composed of two elements meaning "to possess" and "good."  This was the given name of three ancient kings of Persia, including Darius the Great, who expanded the Achaemenid Empire to its greatest extent.

F | Persian

Means "fairy" in Persian.

Photos via Pinterest.
Names & Meanings via behindthename.com.

These posts, as I've mentioned before, are for your benefit.  :]  As a (wannabe) writer, I know how hard it is to find the PERFECT name for your character(s) and I have found it helps tremendously to know the meanings and even the history of names.  If you find yourself struggling, I hope these posts will aid you in writing your stories!  And if you need some recommendations for a character or two, or have a question on names (be it Russian, Biblical, Historical, etc), I'd be more than happy to help you as best I can.  Please don't hesitate to contact me!

Fairfarren, for now!

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