A+A Friday!

  • Watching old home videos in which you are performing in children's plays from church and you're all knobbly-kneed and sound like a little Southern country girl. . .
  • When you pour what you think is just one more swallow left in your glass, but it turns out to be far more than you anticipated. . .  :P
  • When you FINALLY take down your (very dry and brittle needles-falling-EVERYWHERE) Christmas tree and your dear brother comes over to help drag it away.   After he leaves and you've cleaned up the mess, you send him this picture:

  • This could probably be an "awesome". . . but finding a lady's purse sitting in an abandoned buggy in the PARKING LOT of Walmart and taking it inside to customer service all the while thinking someone's gonna see you and think you're stealing. . . O.O
  • Finding scrap pieces of wood at the job to "up-cycle" (is that a word?) and make pretties (when in reality they will probably stay in the craft box for AGES before I remember them again).

  • Learning that one of your blogger friends has just released the first publication of her debut novel!!!
  • When your planned, romantic Valentine's dinner goes beautifully and your meatloaf and veggies are absolutely delicious--especially when your husband gushes about it so!  And when you surprise him with an explosion of Post-Its in your little house bearing words and sayings: "Hug Me," "Hot Stuff," "Yoda One For Me!", etc. etc. 
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  • When you're able to start moving in some of your stuff into your new kitchen cabinets at the Overland duplex aaaaaannnnd decorate!  [My Willow Tree "Journey" was the first piece of decor!]
Instagram - @sarahpenmaiden

  • Shopping dates with your man.
  • Surprise chai tea lattes from your husband and a Dragon tree for Valentines!  Why have a bouquet of flowers that will eventually die when you can have a growing plant?
Instagram - @sarahpenmaiden

How was your week, m'dears?  :]  
March is nearing!  Are you ready for Spring?


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To each is given a bag of tools,
A shapeless mass, and a book of rules,
And each must make, ere life is flown,
A stumbling block or a stepping stone.