Best Day Ever

I realize I've not shared ANYTHING of our wedding.

I can't even BEGIN to describe just how beautiful a day October 8th was.  The weather was windy--but not rainy!--and the sun simply gorgeous.  The whole ceremony went smoothly from start to finish.  We walked down to Pride & Prejudice's (2007) theme song "Dawn" and walked out as man and wife to Josh Turner's "Would You Go With Me?"  


And so many people spent so much time and energy to make it all happen.  There are simply no words to convey just how grateful we are to our families and friends for making that day as special as it was.

Thank you!

More photos to come, I promise!  But this is all I can upload at the moment. 

Blessings this Christmas to you and yours!  May you enjoy the little moments with family and friends this season.

Merry Christmas!


  1. How precious! I'm so happy to hear the wedding went so beautifully. I hope you have a merry first Christmas as a married couple! ^_^

  2. My heart did a little flip when I saw this pic! You are absolutely STUNNING. I can't tell you how happy I am to hear it all went smoothly. What a blessing!

    You guys are just precious. I do so hope your first Christmas as husband and wife is magical.

    Merry Christmas!!! <3


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