The Silver Bracelet

WHAAATTT??  I'm getting married TOMORROW!!

Soon, I will become Mrs Evan Cnossen.

God has been so good to me in blessing me with a great family, and now (VERY soon), an amazing husband.  I am so looking forward to this new chapter in life.

We are deep into wedding preparations right now, but I wanted to take the time to share a little story with you.  And yes, to any who have commented, I plan on posting our wedding pictures!  It may be a few weeks or so before they're up and running, but I do plan on sharing this special day with you all.

* * *

The Silver Bracelet

As a birthday gift last year, I received this beautiful bracelet from Evan after telling him a story about a special bracelet from an old Brio magazine (anybody remember those??).

Ideally, this piece of jewelry would be given by parents to a daughter, and each gem represents a special "event," so to speak.

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The simple gray stone, a piece of granite, represents the first time the daughter held hands with a guy.  And when she did so, her parents required that she give that mere piece of granite to the guy.  The one rule.  And the same goes for each gem that follows.  The pink quartz represents the first kiss.  The emerald, the first boyfriend.  The pearl, the first time she says, "I love you," to a man other than her father.  The ruby, the proposal or engagement.  And finally ending with the diamond, which represents the time when she says "I do."  The tiny sapphires that remain are to remind her just how beautiful and valuable she is in the eyes of God and her parents. 

Then, once God brought her and the man she was to marry together, she would give either the entire bracelet to the one man, or whatever gems remained left.  This puts a simple, yet powerful perspective to the ideals of dating and courtship.  And made the perfect birthday gift for me.  Now, come the morrow, I will give the complete bracelet to one, incredible man.  Then, when the time comes, we hope to pass it on to our own daughter someday.  :]


And that's all the time I have for this morn.  Your prayers are muchly appreciated!

Blessings to you, dearies.  This is probably the last time for a wee while that you'll hear from me.  Once our life in the "new normal" settles down, I plan on posting wedding photos and more of Operation Overland.

Love you all!



Christine Smith said...

SARAH. YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED TODAY!!!!!!! *SQUEALS* I am so excited for you two!

Oh! I've heard the story of these bracelets. I think it's such a beautiful idea, and that is the sweetest you have one. ^_^

I've been praying for you guys this morning, that the day will run smoothly and you two have a blessed married life together.

Love you, girl! I can't believe next time I hear from you you'll be MARRIED. :D

jomylan said...

I've never heard about this bracelet story! That's so interesting and meaningful. And CONGRATULATIONS!! You are now a married woman!! EUIEAHH, I'm so excited to see the pics and get all the details!