Right Ho, Then. An Update!

And it's been nearly a month since I've posted?!?  Whaaaaat?

And I'm SOOO behind on reading all the lovely blogs. . .

But, I've got great news!  Life is busy, but in a good way.  The foundation for our new home is in and lumber is to be delivered in a day or two!  I can't believe it!  Very soon, floors will be down and walls will be going up.  Evan has worked so hard these last few weeks and I couldn't be more proud of him.  And thanks to his dad and brother, progress is moving right along.  :]  The next post will feature photos from beginning to present!  From a lot full of trees to block and mortar.  Wanna see??

Along with the building of our duplex, we've been working on wedding plans.  Only 116 more days left! Less than four months!! AHHHHHH!!!  I'm accumulating ideas and items for decorations, my sisters have ordered their bridesmaids dresses, I've designed invitations and RSVP cards that are now ready to print, we are finalizing guest lists and addresses, and all in all it's coming together nicely.  I'm hoping to have the invites printed by the end of this week and sent out by the first of July.  Will post the design soon, I promise!

And that's all for now.  I must bid adieu and get ready for work.  Hope you dearies have a happy Tuesday!

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  1. aaah SO EXCITING!! I can't wait to see the pictures and am so happy for you :)
    God Bless <3


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