Operation Overland | Phase One

So.  Are you ready for some photos of mine and Evan's property??  As promised, I've got some pictures from start to work-in-progress.  
If you haven't guessed, Overland is the name of the little dead-end road that our lot sits on.  And as this is a pretty big project that we have begun together, and one that I wish to record through photos, I've dubbed it Operation Overland.  Kinda catchy, huh?  :D  This little lot was full of pine trees and brush upon starting, but with some hard work, a brush-trimmer, chainsaw, loppers, and some heavy-duty equipment, it was transformed into a nice little spot for our duplex (and future home!).
Phase One consists of brush and tree removal.  To save a little bit of moolah, we cleared and cut the brush ourselves.  But the bigger trees were left to the bigger machines.

Below, is a before pic of the lot before we truly got our hands in it.

My man with the brush-trimmer.  (That thing is AMAZING.  It's like a weed-eater, but with a bigger blade that can cut the NASTY privet bushes and overall underbrush.)

My man.  (Again!  Haha! Please note: you WILL see quite a bit of this handsome gentleman.) And his younger cousin, Tanner.  He had a hand in helping out too. :]

Meanwhile, I was the one to take said brush and drag/carry it and stack into piles, which were later chipped into mulch.  We had maybe four or so big piles of these by the time we finished.

Don't mess with this guy.  Especially if he has a chainsaw.  ;D

The tree limbs didn't listen.  They took his hat! 

Oooh.  This is no blog post of mine if there's not some pretty, artsy shots. . .

"Piiiiinnnneconeshh. . . Oh my goshhh, they're my favorite!" 
(Please tell me you imagined that in Sid's voice. . .)

Victory!  Phase One is now halfway completed!  All that's left at this point was to clear the trees.

To be continued. . .

Thanks for reading!  I'm so excited to share these photos with you all.  It is so important to me to record my journey together with Evan through photography, and in doing so,  it helps to make the memories last far longer.  More photos to come soon!



  1. I love the name "Operation Overland"! And it's such a pretty property! :)

  2. What a wonderful time!

    Do keep taking pictures and documenting them. This is such a special time and NEEDS to be documented. Not to mention I love seeing the pictures and progress. :D I'm so excited for you guys!

  3. Operation Overland looks like the tough yet fun sort of work, the kind of the pioneering days. What incredible memories you're building!
    That's my dream, right there: to own some property.

  4. Thank you, Blue! My thoughts exactly. I wouldn't trade this for anything. :] Hope that dream comes true someday!!


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