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Welcome, my lovelies, to the latest post of Names.  

Be ye a writer or simply one fascinated by names and their meanings, then these posts should be an awesome resource for you.  I had regrettably gotten out of the habit of posting these, but I'm hoping to start again each Monday.  So don't forget to come again!  And if you have a request, whether it's your own name or you need a fresh list of possible character names, then give me a shout!  I would be more than happy to help.  Enjoy.

Gender:  Masculine
Usage:  Biblical
Pronunciation:  JOE-nan

Meaning & History
Means "Jehovah is a gracious giver." This was the given name of a son of Eliakim and ancestor of Joseph (Luke 3:30). 

Gender:  Feminine
Usage:  English (rare)
Pronunciation:  JAY-mah

Meaning & History
Variant of the given name (or nickname) Jamie, which is a diminutive of James, ultimately meaning "supplanter."

Gender:  Masculine
Usage:  English (rare)
Pronunciation:  MER-ik

Meaning & History
From a surname, originally derived from the Welsh given name Meurig, which is the Welsh form of Maurice ultimately meaning "dark-skinned."

Sarah's notes: I know, I know.  This guy isn't really dark-skinned. . . But I thought this would be an awesome Medieval name, hence the viking man. ;D

Gender:  Feminine
Usage:  Indian
Pronunciation:  mee-RAH (possibly), or MIR-ah, MIE-rah

Meaning & History
Means "sea, ocean" in Sanskrit.  

Names and meanings via behindthename.com & the book 
All the Names in the Bible by Thomas Nelson publishers.
Photos via Pinterest.

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Jameson C. Smith said...

I love "Jonan"! I may have to use that one in a book someday. :)

I've never seen that spelling of "Jayma" before. Very pretty!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Me too! And please, be my guest! I'd love to know what type of character you'd make him to be :] Yes, it's a pretty spelling. You can also try it like this: "Jaema."