Welcome, 2016

Why, hello New Year.

I suppose this is where we let go of 2015 and plunge faith-first into two thousand and sixteen!  Oh what joy and excitement it brings to see what this year might have in store.  No matter what may come, my God is faithful.

Any goals you plan to set this 2016?

Any challenges you wish to combat?

Any wishes you'd like to see come true?

This coming October, I am going to marry my best friend.  And while I am so afraid that this year will fly by right before my eyes, I can hardly wait for Autumn!  I will begin a new journey in life with the one my heart loves and I can hardly wait.  

Prayer is muchly appreciated, for there is great power in it.  

Thank you, my faithful friends!  
Much love to all, and Happy New Year!

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  1. Happy New Year, dear friend! Hopefully tomorrow I'll be posting my 2016 plans. But I don't have anything specific I want to happen this year really. I'm just looking forward to see what God has in store. ^_^

    So excited for yooouuu! I have a feeling this is going to be your best year yet. ;)

  2. Happy New Year to you too Sarah :) I hope this coming year is a very blessing filled year for you!

  3. "Plunge faith-first" into the new year. I love that. I pray we all choose to plunge faith-first with no-holds-barred.

    Risa <3


To each is given a bag of tools,
A shapeless mass, and a book of rules,
And each must make, ere life is flown,
A stumbling block or a stepping stone.