A + A Friday!

This A+A is about three to four weeks in the making. . . Heheheh, sorry, guys.  I tried! But it'll serve to give y'all a sort of update of what's been going on, I suppose.  :]

Happy Friday!


  • When your assistant manager asks if you can drive, and you get the impression that he's not sure you're old enough to drive. . .  O_O  Hahaha! I mean, I know several people upon first appearance think I'm younger than I am, but it was funny to me.  At least in my mind. . .
  • EYELINER.  I LOATHE eyeliner. >:[ Grrrr. 
  • Hugging someone after they've just enjoyed a fish dinner.  "You smell like fish," you say, and you both burst out laughing.
  • When your fiance brings you a surprise Chai Tea latte. 
  • FREE-RANGE GROUNDHOGS.  (Don't ask.  It was one of those things where you are talking and you spot something and the subject runs right into what you were talking about.  Ahaha! Did that make any sense?)
  • When your thoughts go from "Far Longer than Forever" to "In the Belly of a Whale". . . O_o
  • When your six-year-old cousin hugs you and says, "You're squishy inside!"

  • When you fill up your Walmart gas card with $20, then get to the pump and !!BOOM!! it has $28.34 on it!  YES.  Full tank o' gas, baby.
  • Waking up to turkey gobbles through your open windows.
  • Answered prayers.
  • When the drive-through lady approves of your front license plate "I'd rather be in NARNIA."
  • AVENGERS: Age of Ultron came to DVD! (FINALLY)
  • When you are ringing up a lady's purchases and she asks you randomly if there is anything she could pray for you for.  How sweet!
  • Going through your great-grandmother's attic and finding all sorts of treasures! In this case, a HUGE record-player/stereo. 
  • I'm engaged! And to the best-est man in the world: Evan.  We have a date set!  (More info soon!!!)
  • Enjoying picnics and beautiful November weather.  
  • New part-time job opportunities.  
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  1. Yay! I enjoyed reading an update on your life :) That IS sooo sweet that the lady offered to pray for you!


To each is given a bag of tools,
A shapeless mass, and a book of rules,
And each must make, ere life is flown,
A stumbling block or a stepping stone.