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After many moons of negligence, I'm attempting to revive said A+A posts.  :]  
Are you ready??
The following awkwards and awesomenesses have been gathered over the last few months. . . Well, whenever I remembered to jot them down somewhere.  In reality, there probably should be oodles more of them, but I forget.  Got out of the habit, I guess.  But hopefully that shall change!
  • Watching random guys spit in public. . . You are absolutely positive one of them hits his own shoe with said spittle, but is oblivious.
  • When your tummy growls in a quiet room and sounds like the rumbling thunder outside.
  • Epiphany at 11pm: when you realize how BlimeyCow came up with their name. . . "Holy cow" = "Blimey cow"  O_O  BY GOLLY, IT'S GENIUS.
  • Oh the accuracy:
  • When you succeed in pleasing a customer and they blurt out in astonished glee, "Hush yo mouth an' say no more!"  
  • Sitting in the backseat of your sisters' car on a shopping trip with just the three of you, and you put on your smelly-good Bath & Body germ-x, when at the same time one of your sisters opens the middle compartment looking for a CD and both of them think the smell came from there.
  • When a middle-aged guy calls you "darlin'" and you nearly laugh because it seems so strangely out of character for him and his band shirt and rap CDs.  (He was merely thanking me for ringing up his purchases.  Haha! it just threw me off guard)

  • The out-poring of agape-love from friends and family over the last few months.
  • When a couple from Scotland visits the store and you get to hear their awesome accents.
  • Watching Barbie Rapunzel with your sisters and playing with each others' hair.
  • When your boss get's a pizza from the restaurant next door and shares with you and your coworkers.  Stevie-B's, guys.  YUM.
  • Running down to the dairy barn with your mum and seeing a BALD EAGLE at the farm's spring.  Managed to capture three photos when he took off after seeing us. 
Alas, it's a little blurry, but there's no doubt.
  • Celebrating the "anniversary" of our six-month dateship with Evan at the SnoBiz!  It was the site of our first date and beginning of it all. ^_^
  • Pumpkin spice chai tea.
  • Watching football with your parents and best friend till midnight.  :]
Thanks for reading, y'all.
Got any awkward-awesomes to share?
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  1. This is a great conglomeration of things! Yummy tea and cooooool a bald eagle! Oh my goodness a spitting contest. XD And that gif is so so accurate.



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A shapeless mass, and a book of rules,
And each must make, ere life is flown,
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