In the Misty Mountains

Hey, y'all.
It seems lately I've begun my posts with something along the lines of "I'm back!"

Well, I am!
Buuuuut. . . I apologize!  It's high-time I got on the ball and posted like any normal, committed blogger would.  REGULARLY.  Hahaha.  And I so want to, it's just not a priority.  I mean come on! it's been MONTHS since my last A+A Friday!  I still wanna keep up with my Name posts and share more pictures as well.  

So, as the Fall weather begins to make its presence known, I would like to begin anew.  Aaaaaannnd that means starting with photos from my family's camping trip.  The cousins came up for a day and just had a blast.  Just put tents, a lake, and campfires and it's guaranteed. :]

Tellico Plains, TN

Little Joelle 

Explorers Kenton & Will

The Elephant Walk. . . in the WATER xD

Extreme Chicken fights!

Hahaha! the parents thought they'd be funny

Jen's firepowah!

Why hullo, Cousin Rob! 

Ahaha! Oh Jenny

Cousin Clint -- nice smile, bud!

So, we're sitting at the campsite, enjoying a relaxing afternoon of doing nothing except maybe reading or sketching, when this liddle squiggle shows up with his inquisitive disposition.  A brave little fellow, he was. Near tried to get to our food boxes!  We fed him Saltine crackers, then promptly dubbed him CrackerJack.

I particularly love this next shot.  Evan was able to stay the weekend with us and we shared so many enjoyable memories.  He stayed with my brother in the smaller tent and endured nearly getting crushed by a falling tree limb, oodles of rain the first night (it rained ALL night long and half of the next day), and a near life-or-death situation with a "raccoon" that turned out to be my brother.  O_o  Needless to say, I don't think he'll easily forget camping with me and my crazy family. . .


And that's the gist of our annual camping trip to the mountains.  We had such a marvelous, relaxing time there, it was definitely hard to leave and return to reality.  But one must do what one must, eh?  I'm thankful for our times together as family, it is something I'll always treasure.

Hopefully, I'll be able to share some pics from the earlier trip to the beach!  I also have a book review coming soon and (if possible) an A+A post this Friday!!

Thank you, my faithful friends!  Have a lovely week and happy Monday!

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  1. Oh my, these pics are breathtaking! I could just stare at the clouds and the mountains for hours. You took such gorgeous and memorable shots!

    I love the "liddle squiggle". That's too funny. XD

    Poor Evan. Sounds like he had quite the adventure. Lol!

    So happy you all had a wonderful trip. Such special memories to have!

  2. Beautiful pictures! That scenery is just gorgeous. Looks like you guys had a fun time! :D
    (And I think it's great that you have your priorities straight, and that blogging is lower on the list than family. ^_^)

  3. *pokes head back in* Hiii! I'm here again to let you know I tagged you for the Bookshelf Tag:

    Absolutely NO pressure to do it whatsoever. I know you're busy and making time for family over blogging, which is fantastic. So only do it if you WANT to. *nods firmly*


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