A + A Fr--WHAT--Saturday! Again...

  • Fake crying over something and your siblings say you sound like a Star Wars sand people/person. . . Er, Tuskan Raider! That's the correct term. . . right?
  • Discussing ears and their shapes and sizes on the ride to Knoxville.  
  • When one of your coworkers dubs you "Stanley," simply because you forgot to put on your nametag and was therefore nameless.
  • Ornery older men who don't get what they came for, but there's absolutely nothing you can do and they end up leaving rather upset. . .
  • Doggy drool--IN GENERAL.
  • When your friend's stomach growls during a serious conversation. . . and you both burst out laughing! 
  • When your mother's sneezes are loud enough to make you jump, or with enough sound can be heard OUTSIDE the house (Okay, okay, the windows were open, but they're still loud!) ;D

  • The smell of honeysuckle!
  • Getting ready to go to town, and you and your sisters are all in the bathroom at the mirror, putting on makeup and such and singing songs.
  • The little things: Early morning walks, bluebird nests in old fence posts, five days of work this week! all-out laughter with friends and family, the smile on a friend.
  • Washing vehicles with your good friend.  Needless to say, there were water fights and ambushes with the hose. . . But you came away with two beautifully clean SUVs and lots of laughter. 
  • Birthday parties for cousins and grandmother over the weekend.
  • Finding a new website: THRIFTBOOKS.COM.  Whoa, guys.  Go check it out!! You can find all kinds of books for an average price of $3.79 with $0.99 shipping, UNLESS you have $10 worth of books, then the shipping is FREE.  Yes, just $10 and then FREE SHIPPING!!  Hello, new favorite website.  [Oh dear, oh dear, tut tut.  Watch out, paycheck.]
  • This quote: 


Thanks for reading, dearies!

Whatcha think of the blog design, eh?

Fairfarren, for now!


  1. Your new design is nice! My brothers confirmed that it is Tuskan raiders lol... Singing songs with sisters while getting ready to go to town sounds fun :)

  2. Well, it's nice to meet you "Stanley." XD

    Ugh, I hate when people get mad at workers for things they have no control over. I mean, you only work there, it's not like you're the corporate manager or something!

    Honeysuckle is one of my favoritest smells ever! We've had a lot here as well and just... *takes deep whiff* bliss.

    That nest in the fencepost is so cool! Do you think you'll get to see them once they hatch?

    Okay, now I'm going to have to check out this book site. o.o I think I heard of it before but forgot to investigate. So it's all legit?

    YOUR BLOG DESIGN IS GORGEOUS!!!! I love how it all matches and comes together. You are the BEST at finding simple yet elegant designs, which is my favorite kind. Beautiful!

  3. Eliza: Haha, thanks! Oh yesh, it is xD

    Christine: The pleasure is mine, dear Lauri! ;D Yes, yes, and yes! And we did check the nest again, and actually found another one down the road a ways. They hatched and have little baby robin-birds. :3

    Oh yes. Must check the site! I bought FOUR books there for $15!! No tax, no shipping.

    And thank you, dearie! All credit goes to Brittney of the blog Daughter of the King. She's worked so hard on it and has been a delight in handling me and my many requests. I'm planning on doing a thank you post for her.

    Many thanks for commenting, ladies!!


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