A + A Friday!

  • Welcoming each other during church service and you turn back to wave at your grandmother and the guy in front of her waves back, you hesitate but wave anyway. . .
  • Eating ice cream on a cold, wintry day.  O_o
  • Making a slice of cinnamon toast and the lid of cinnamon/sugar jar comes off dumping a mountain of sugary goodness on your toast. Needless to say, it was REALLY GOOD.
  • When your grandmama is taking Prednisone, and talking about smiling potatoes.
No, really.  There's such a thing as smiley 'taters.
  • Working at Lifeway, and helping a lady as she's trying to find an accompaniment track at the Burn Bar computers.  With headphones, she's listening to the demo track right beside you, while you are trying to fix a problem, and of a sudden, she raises her hand.  O_O  You continue working and realize she's really into the song.  She's praising your Lord and you're not gonna stop her!  :]
  • When a middle-aged lady customer calls you "baby" and "sugar" while you ring up her items. . .
  • Maybe the fact I found this GIF way too funny:

  • Opening the store with your manager (just the two of you), beginning with a brief devotion and prayer.  (What other stores do that?  So blessed to work where I do!)
  • They actually have Sylvester's t-shirt from the TV show </SCORPION>!
  • Closing the store, on a different day, and the subject of your coin collection turns up.  Your awesome, manager lady walks over to her desk and gives you a handful of coins: Canadian quarters and pennies, a Venezuelan 10 cent, and Mexican penny.
  • Having a pizza/movie night with a friend you don't get to see often.  :]
  • The anticipation of new books!
  • This ballet! So funny!



  1. Oh my! You had me laughing at the first one! How many times hasn't that happened to me...:). Hugs to you dear Sarah! Kelly-Anne xx

  2. THAT GIF. I just sat here watching it like ten times over laughing hysterically! You find the funniest ones!!

    I eat ice cream all year long. I mean, it's ICE CREAM. No cold weather is gonna keep me away.

    Gliterry hand sanitizer??? What is this magic you speak of? :O

    It sounds like your job at Lifeway is going awesomely. I'm so happy for you! ^_^

  3. Kelly-Anne: Hahaha! Oh, I know! But that still doesn't make it any less awkward, right? ;D Thank you, dearie! Hugs to you!

    Christine: AHAHA! I KNOW. I laughed harder than any of my family while they just looked at me funny. xD Oh yes, love my ice cream! My one weakness. :] And the glittery magic can be found at none other than Bath & Body Works! Thanks, girlie! I'm so blessed to be working where I am.

    Many thanks for commenting, ladies!

  4. Oh. My. Gravy. That ballet was hilarious! :D And ironically, I knew how to pronounce the title, too... I have no idea what it means, but at least I've learned something while studying Russian! XD
    And Scorpion!!!! <3

  5. Hahaha! I know! I LOVE it. And wow. Russian? That's a beautiful language! I absolutely love listening to their music! :]


To each is given a bag of tools,
A shapeless mass, and a book of rules,
And each must make, ere life is flown,
A stumbling block or a stepping stone.