A + A Friday!

  • Stopping to let a skunk cross the road while mumbling and clutching the steering wheel: "Goyourwaygoyourwaypleasedon'tspraypleasedon'tspray!" Twice.  That happened twice.
  • Finding a pair of boots online and discovering a brand new color! "Bungee Cord." Which oddly looks like the color brown.
  • The moment of profoundness:

  • Working at Lifeway one evening, while your entire family (on your dad's side) is celebrating your grandfather's 81st b-day at Stevie B's next door.  After they eat, they pop in to say hi. ALL  15 OF THEM.  Haha! Needless to say, you turn beet red at all the attention, and the assistant manager (a dry humor, sarcastic, quiet sort of man) just looks on curiously. Good fun!
  • What it feels like when you put on jeans right out of the dryer:

  • This bit of awkwardness actually belongs to my sister, Julia. . . She had just got out the shower, dressed and everything, then suddenly exclaimed she'd forgotten her glasses somewhere. . . Turns out, they were on her FACE.  You laugh so hard.

  • 65 degree (F) weather in JANUARY.  (I'm so ready for Spring now.) :]
  • Brand new stereo for my SUV. It plays and ejects the CDs! YES. Aaaannnd my dad is awesome. (He helped me--or was it me helping him?--to install, and deal with all the wiring mess and funk. I now have a working radio/CD player!)
  • Taking a road trip to Cades Cove with your family and some friends. Beautiful, sunny day! A few years back, your family had made it a kind of tradition to stop in at one of the old churches and play with the amazing acoustics (as in, sing a song or three). And so, you sing a couple songs and end with the hymn "There is a Fountain." Occasionally, a small audience will gather and compliment you and family. One man in particular with a special needs son, spoke up as you and company were leaving and asked what church you go to. Your parents respond; and it's the next day (Sunday) that you discover the man had sent an email to your pastor, describing a family that sang the hymn in an old country church and how much he had needed to hear those particular words.  So sweet and uplifting to hear!
  • When a crafty project turns out a success.

  • Illustrating the title page in my leather journal that will become my own "self-published" poetry book, filled with my handwriting and poems.  It will one day be worth millions.  Like, a couple hundred years from now.  :]  Can't wait till I can show pictures!! (Check my Instagram to see a few. . . @sarahpenmaiden )

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  1. The ice skating thing actually makes sense... *contemplates*

    That's so great about the hymn! :) (And Cades Cove's churches do have great acoustics.)

  2. I agree, the bit about ice-skating makes perfect sense!

    I laughed when I read your story of stopping for the skunk. Know that PLEASE-DONT-SPRAY feeling! For some reason we have a LOT of skunks in our area. Not fun for the chickens, not fun for the dogs, and definetly not fun for our noses. XP

    I can empathize with Julia as well. I lose my glasses far too often... and occasionally they are, in fact, on my face. #^-^#

    Sweet news about the brand new stereo. d(^-^) Music on the road is a great thing!


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A shapeless mass, and a book of rules,
And each must make, ere life is flown,
A stumbling block or a stepping stone.