A + A Friday! is Back!!


  • Sitting at a concert, during intermission, and looking in the opposite direction when all of a sudden your sister (who's sitting at your right) shoves your mother's purse into your lap, but you think it's some kind of wild animal.
  • This GIF:

  • Removing your earrings before hopping in the shower (I actually have two piercings per ear) and  halfway through you realize you left one little stud in, 'cause you got distracted.
  • Dropping a small cheese plate and it. . . breaks.  Yes.  You stand there looking guilty.  Well! You are.
  • Speaking your mind before thinking.  I know, I know.  But this can make for awkward moments. . . And that's when the Awkward Avoidance Viking would come and knock you out.
  • A Potoophon.
I laughed out loud! (Well. . . maybe guffawed is a better word.)  Do you know what a Potoo bird is?  This will make more sense if you do.  They are the most random, hilarious-lookin' birdie I've ever clapped eyes on.  But I love 'em.


  • The lovely Christmas season.
  • Fantastic gifts from friends and family.  Some of my absolute favorites include a camera lens travel mug, typewriter necklace, Baymax plushie, and a pair of Durango moccasin boots! (Just to name a few. . .)
  • The start of a brand new year! 2015 
  • A New Year's Eve party with a bunch of friends and family. What a blast!
  • Driving by four huge motor-buses, and in one you see a scene of Disney's Frozen movie playing!
  • Marvel's Agent Carter premier!
  • Part-time jobs: Lifeway for the Christmas season and working inventory at a local tractor parts company.  So thankful for my little bit o' income. :]
  • Ordering some items from ThredUp and seeing that you saved over $86!
  • This quote: "May we be as wise as Elves, as merry as Hobbits, as faithful as Dwarves, and as brave as humans." source

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  1. THAT GIF. So funny! XD
    And a Baymax plushie? Aw, that sounds adorable.


To each is given a bag of tools,
A shapeless mass, and a book of rules,
And each must make, ere life is flown,
A stumbling block or a stepping stone.