Merry Christmas! | Share the Gift

Merry Christmas to you, my friend!  

I do hope this day is chock-full of blessings for you and yours as we celebrate the first coming of our Saviour.

Below is a video I wanted to share with you.  Over 1000 people came together to make this happen and they broke a record while doing it. 

Live Nativity
featuring YouTubers from all over the country. 
(You may recognize a few.)

Enjoy! and #SharetheGift

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Vanshi Mehta said...

Merry Christmas, Sarah~

Sarah Elizabeth said...

And to you, Vanshi! Thank you! :]

Michelle Dyck said...

Beautiful video! I've seen it three or four times already. :) Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Sarah!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I did have a lovely Christmas, thank you! Hope yours was fully of blessings as well!!