A + A Friday!


  • Working in a part of the store hanging up signs and you are called up front, so you promptly run (hustle) to the registers with a stuffed moose in hand. . . 
  • When a wasp hangs onto your car mirror for the WHOLE half-hour drive to work--on the Interstate, at 70 mph.
  • When you make this your new catchphrase when you are stressed:

  • The fact you cannot walk down to the mailbox in the dark, because. . . well, BECAUSE.
  • Purchasing the Expendables 2 and a Barbie movie at the same time. 
  • Realizing how much you quote The Lego Movie
  • BAHAHAHA! This pin:

  • Fretting over your hair 'cause its not doing what you want it to.  Later, you walk into work and the first thing your sweet manager lady says is how pretty your hair looks.
  • The fact you are overwhelmed with a stack of books you've never read.  Love meh books.  :]
  • Receiving your brand new copy of Fly Away Home in the mail today! Can't wait to read!
  • And because of the above fact, you get to rewatch the other Hobbit films.
  • This song because it is so fantastically horrible and sadly awesome all at once: The Hobbit: BotFA -- The Last Goodbye sung by Billy Boyd (Pippin!)
  • Gathering together all of your Christmas presents for your family and friends and wrapping them pretty.
  • GIFs: 

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Photos via Pinterest.


  1. I love the Lego Movie! It was quite fun to watch. (Heheh... "We are from the planet Duplo, and we are here to destroy you.")

    And that synonym rolls picture is the best! XD

    Oh my goodness, THE HOBBIT. <3

    Also, that BH6 gif is adorable. ^.^

  2. I totally feel you when it comes to the pile of books! (But it is SO hard to refrain from buying more, am I right?)

  3. Aili: *laughs* Thanks! ^__^

    Michelle: I'm in my twenties and still love Legos. ;D Haha! isn't it? I showed the synonym picture to my Dad and he burst out laughing. -- The HOBBIT. Need I say more? :] And BH6 is so good! Love GIFs.

    Ashley: You are so right! My one weakness... :D

    Thanks for commenting, ladies!

  4. I had the same thing as the first awkward happen to me, only instead of a moose it was (due to it being Oct. at the time) a really gross bloody hand in a box. The customer and I both just kind of looked at it and ignored its presence while I rang them up xD.

  5. Haha! Oh, dear. Yeah, I would take my moose over that any day! xD


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A shapeless mass, and a book of rules,
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