A + A Friday!

  • When your awkwardness is remembered and then told to friends. . .
  • Wearing nail polish only on the nails of one hand for a whole week, simply because you kept messing up on the other hand.  And you were too lazy to take the paint off of the other.  It was okay though, no one but your little five-year-old cousin noticed.  :]
  • Doing a photoshoot and realizing you were holding your breath as your sisters shot the pictures.
  • Adjusting the strap of your dress--your hand slips and you end up punching yourself in the jaw.
  • Holding your kitty when the phone rings just as a door slams, therefore frightening the kitty and resulting in scratches on your tummy, which hurt like the dickens!
  • When the overflowing ice machine in the fridge shoots its deadly ice cubes of death at you upon opening the door.
  • Reading the Bible during family devotions and [feeling a wee bit silly at the time anyway] a certain word/phrase reminds you of a movie scene/quote:

  • When surprise birthday parties go well and you KNOW the recipient was definitely surprised. 
  • AWESOME new song by the Piano Guys!  Batman Evolution.  Don't ask. Just click the link.  :D
  • Buying your first little black dress (LBD)!! From ThredUp and with a surprise discount promo-code!  And then it says you've saved over $150!!
  • When a lady in the church choir announces a praise: a 12-year answered prayer--she's expecting!
  • Being in the third week of the 100-4-100 writing challenge! Writing at least 100 words a day, and one day having over 1500! 
  • Rising excitement in hosting your first giveaway ever.  :]  Please put October 27th on your calendars!!
  • Finding bargains books.  Need I say more? :]
  • This quote by C.S. Lewis:

I hope you enjoy these little posts as much as I do.  xD


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  1. That first "Awkward" is so true. I once had a friend come up to me after I'd known her for a couple of years and ask, "That was YOU!?!" in reference to a mildly embarrassing moment of mine that some other friends had told her about.

    Bargain books are one of the best things ever. :)

  2. Haha! Yes! It does make for a good bit of laughter though. :]


To each is given a bag of tools,
A shapeless mass, and a book of rules,
And each must make, ere life is flown,
A stumbling block or a stepping stone.