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Gender:  Masculine
Usage:  Welsh, Welsh Mythology, English
Pronunciation:  DUL-an (Welsh), DIL-en (English)

Meaning & History
Derived from the Welsh elements dy "great" and llanw "tide, flow."  In Welsh mythology, Dylan was a god or hero associated with the sea.  He was the son of Arianrhod and was accidentally slain by his uncle Govannon.

Well known bearers of this name include the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas (1914-1953) and the American musician Bob Dylan (1941-), whose real name is Robert Zimmerman.  Bob Dylan took his stage surname from the poet's given name.

Gender:  Feminine
Usage:  Basque
Pronunciation:  (possibly) NAY-ah or NIE-yah

Meaning & History
Means "wave, sea foam" in Basque.

Gender:  Masculine
Usage:  History
Pronunciation:  HAY-dree-an (English)

Meaning & History
From the Roman name Hadrianus, which meant "from Hadria" in Latin.  Hadria was a town in Northern Italy, which eventually gave its name to the Adriatic Sea.  A famous bearer was Publius Aelius Hadrianus, better known as Hadrian, a 2nd-century Roman emperor who built a wall across northern Britain.

Gender:  Feminine
Usage:  Esperanto
Pronunciation:  mah-RAH-zhah

Meaning & History
Means "made of the sea" in Esperanto.

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  1. Wow, I love those names, especially Naia and Hadrian! I will have to use those in my book. :)

  2. Yes! Please do! That's the whole reason I do these posts--to give writers more ideas in naming their characters.

    You made my day! Thanks for commenting! :]


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